New Moen eToilets with Bidet Seats: 2-Series vs. 3-Series vs. 5-Series

moen et2200 5-series etoiletWe are excited to announce the new Moen eToilets with bidet seats here at PlumbersStock. We’ve got the 2-series, 3-series, and 5-series options, which come with tons of features (keep reading for details). Moen combined the functionality of electronic bidet seats with the beauty and compact design of luxury toilets, and you are going to love the results. Here are the three options (all in white).

eToilet Features

Luxury smart toilets enhance comfort, improve hygiene, and will have you wondering how you ever lived without one. Each toilet looks the same, so really, the only difference is in the many features they offer:

Moen ET900 2-Series Features

  • The toilet seat has antimicrobial properties.
  • A self-cleaning, anti-bacterial nozzle uses silver nanotechnology.
  • Control settings for oscillating, pulsating, water pressure, temperature, and nozzle position adjustment.
  • Heated seat.
  • Instantaneous hot water for front and rear washing.
  • Energy Saver mode reduces waste.
  • Remote controlled (usually wall-mounted).
  • A seat sensor ensures the nozzle operates only when somebody sits on it.
  • Night light with sensor.
  • SoftClose seat gently closes the lid.
  • Warm air dryer.
  • High-efficiency flush (1 gallon per flush).
  • Automatic flush.
  • Meets ADA criteria.

Moen ET1300 3-Series Features

  • The 3-series has all the features you see in the 2-series and then some.
  • Flash drying air dryer feature.
  • UV sterilization helps keep the nozzle clean.
  • Air purifier (deodorizer) feature included.

Moen ET2200 5-Series Features

  • The 5-series has all the features you see in the 3-series and then some.
  • Lift seat and flush toilet with foot touch feature
  • Also, you can lift the seat and lid with the remote.

moen etoilets with bidet seats comparison chart 2-series vs. 3-series vs. 5-series

If you’re wondering about the above ET1100 models, so are we. We think they’ve already been phased out based on what we know, or quite possibly they are big box store models.

Why would I want a luxury smart toilet?

Nothing enhances a master bathroom quite like an eToilet. Bidet systems are environmentally friendly; they produce fewer waste products like toilet paper and flushable wipes. They are a significant upgrade when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. On top of that, they offer a simple solution to those with limited mobility by reducing the movement required to clean up. In fact, for people who need help wiping, a bidet seat can return their lost privacy, dignity, and pride to them. Simply put, they make life better, no matter the user.

Why is a complete bidet toilet better than a bidet seat attachment?

The main reasons are that there are more features and the design is much more aesthetic.

Save on the new Moen eToilets with Bidet Seats

Whether you are in the market for a Moen eToilet or some other brand of intelligent toilet, we’ve got a huge inventory and great pricing from various reputable manufacturers. If you’re interested in bulk orders, contact us to see if we can work out an even better deal than our sticker prices.

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