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TOTO is among the world's largest fixture manufacturers, offering a complete line of commercial and residential plumbing solutions. More than anything, TOTO fixtures are known for innovative technology. They have been producing expertly-designed, high-performance, lifestyle-enhancing products for over 90 years. Their faucets and toilets transform both residential and commercial bathrooms.

TOTO Plumbing Products at PlumbersStock

Here at PlumbersStock, we carry a variety of TOTO products:

There is so much to love about TOTO. A good first impression would be the Neorest line. It's one of the most popular collections in the TOTO lineup. It offers modern and innovative solutions, like toilets with WASHLETs, air baths, lavatory sinks, and all kinds of accessories for making your bathroom more comfortable. You've never seen anything quite like these toilets. Speaking of toilets:


Their toilets are one of the products that put TOTO on the map. They offer elegant, modern designs and incredible features, like Universal Height, CeFiONtect (formerly referred to as Sanagloss), and all different kinds of efficient flushing technology. They even have options for a 1.0 GPF flush. Here are a few of the most popular toilets we carry:

Part of the reason they are known for making toilets is that it goes hand in hand with their flagship product:


The WASHLET transformed the industry with its incredible functionality. TOTO has done so well in cornering the electronic bidet seat market that the term WASHLET has become synonymous with the bidet seat. They include features ranging from the basics to all the bells and whistles, like

  • dual action spray
  • warm water
  • heated seating
  • a touch-pad controller
  • smart pre-mist disinfectant

If you want to learn about all the other features, read more about WASHLETs here (it's at the bottom of the page, past the products). Check out the TOTO s550e modern WASHLET, which is selling like crazy!

TOTO Sinks

You may be surprised to hear that TOTO makes more than just toilets and bidet seats. Here at PlumbersStock, we mostly carry pedestal and drop-in TOTO bathroom sinks. Unsurprisingly, this innovative company would find a way to stand out with their lavatory sink design, and they have accomplished this with their ebony-colored sinks. These ebony sinks stand out and give your bathroom a distinct and memorable look.

TOTO Faucets

TOTO faucets deliver the same unique quality you expect from other products. Whether you need one or two-handle functionality, PlumbersStock has you covered (though for convenience, we recommend one handle). With original designs for your sink, bathtub, and shower, TOTO faucets offer you all the versatility you need for a complete bathroom makeover. The most popular is the TOTO lavatory faucets, which will give your bathroom a dynamic look.


You can choose from a wide variety of luxurious and comfortable soaker tubs and air baths at wholesale prices. Going with a TOTO tub, bathtub faucet, and showerhead will give you all the functionality and aesthetics you desire in bathroom design. TOTO fixtures are the best.

TOTO Commercial

Although TOTO makes all sorts of solutions for commercial restrooms, the most purchased products we carry are urinals and their moving parts, urinal flush valves. Buying flush valves in bulk is a great way to go for contractors, and we have unbeatable deals. If you are a bulk buyer, please consider calling us to talk about unique arrangements.

More about TOTO

Years before government mandates, TOTO had been demonstrating concern about water and energy conservation. They have led the way consistently in manufacturing plumbing fixtures that deliver both efficiency and sustainability.

Toto understands its customers' needs and that the cost of buying a product is not the same as the cost of owning it. True value comes from customer satisfaction, and commitment to value includes environmental responsibility, quality, worry-free products. The extended performance turns into money savings, ecological preservation, and peace of mind. TOTO looks at four things to measure value: product performance, maintenance, user experience, and satisfaction.

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When you need a TOTO toilet, parts, lavatory sink, etc., turn to PlumbersStock because we offer the lowest prices for bathroom and kitchen products on the web, in addition to providing an expansive inventory. If you have any trouble locating the TOTO product you need, please contact a friendly member of our customer support team. Thank you for choosing PlumbersStock. Learn more at

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