New Moen M-CORE Shower Valves

We are so pleased to announce the arrival of Moen M-CORE valves. If you are a homeowner, or especially an industry professional, then you should be excited about the new Moen M-CORE shower valves. This system is an installer’s dream. Industry professionals need to adopt M-CORE, and we’ll cover the reasons why. At PlumbersStock, we carry all the Moen faucets, parts, and accessories that you need.

What Is M-CORE?

moen m-core shower valve optionsThe first question you have must be, what is M-CORE? Simply put, it’s a shower valve system that makes the installation process easier for professionals. Moen describes it this way:

The M-CORE system features an integrated mounting bracket that secures the valve directly to a brace, streamlining the installation process. It offers a quicker temperature limit stop adjustment process, and the integrated test plug allows installers to easily flush and test the system without having to remove or install the cartridge. M-CORE mixing and transfer valves also are available in several inlet and outlet plumbing options to meet the needs of installers.

The next question people ask is, how does M-CORE work? To start, M-CORE valves have pressure-balancing capabilities that will manage temperature fluctuations as the water pressure in the home changes. They deliver great functionality, and the 3 Series trim is available in a wide range of styles and colors. We’ll let the experts at Moen explain the installation ease:

​​​​​​Valve installation is an extremely technical and tremendously complex job that requires a lot of time and a high level of plumbing skill. It can be tricky and time-consuming. The M-CORE valve system is making this process a whole lot easier for pro installers by allowing them to quickly and efficiently install a valve that will allow for adaptable functionality once it has been plumbed. The valve’s features were designed to reduce time and labor costs, without sacrificing work quality.

Lastly, we have a helpful resource for those that are wanting to compare M-CORE vs. Moentrol.

M-CORE 3 Series Trim

You’re going to love the new 3 Series trim because it’s designed for improved aesthetics. Compare Moentrol trim (on top) to M-CORE trim (on bottom):

comparing moentrol trim to m-core 3 series trim

You may be wondering about old Moentrol valves, and if they’ll have to be replaced when the trim needs replacement. Moen is planning on continuing to manufacture Moentrol trim options with the following collections:

  • Mixing valve only trim = Align, Kingsley, Voss
  • Mixing valve trim + transfer valve trim = Align, Kingsley
  • Transfer valve trim only = Align, Kingsley, Voss, M-DURA

M-CORE Rough-In Valves

There are a few key things to know. With M-CORE, cartridges do not come with mixing valves. You buy the cartridge with the trim. That allows the home builder to install the framework for whatever functionality the future homeowner wants to implement. However, cartridges do come with transfer valves. That remains true for M-CORE valves with integrated transfer valves, meaning they come with one cartridge, and you get the other with trim.

moentrol vs m-core valve comparison

One nice thing about M-CORE is that it allows for 1/4″ of variability in wall thickness during installation. Meaning it can handle thick and thin walls (up to a point). Another important thing to remember is that there is no backward compatibility with old trim. Upon its release, this collection offers 30 different kinds of rough-in valves:

Shower Only Mixing Valves

If you are planning a shower only installation, then you will want one of the following valves:

Tub/Shower Mixing Valves

Now, pay attention because there are a bunch of different tub/shower valve options. Here are the most basic installations:

Prefab Tub/Shower Mixing Valves

One of the greatest pain points for contractors doing new construction is creating the sweat connection on the tub el. Moen is offering this prefabricated option, which means the tub el is already connected.

m-core valve and trim options side by side

Mixing Valves with Diverters

Moen boasts that M-CORE is designed with the installer in mind. The mounting bracket allows for flat installation. The mixing valve outlet aligns with the transfer valve inlet. Its smaller profile allows for more room within the 2×4 framing.

2/3 Function vs. 3/6 Function Explained

2/3 vs 3/6 m-core function explained

As the installer, you can plumb any of these six valves for up to three showering devices, for example, two showerheads and a hand shower. If you only have two devices, then you cap the 3rd port, and you have 2/3 function…meaning you have 2 devices and 3 options. To run one device, the other, or both. With 3/6 function, you are using all 3 ports with the option of running 1, 2, 3, or 1 + 2, 2 + 3, or 1 + 3.

Diverter Valves

If any of this is confusing to you, please contact us, and we’ll find the answer you need. This chart may be helpful as you look for the right model for your needs:

m-core valve manufacture product numbers explained

Discount Moen M-CORE Shower Valves at PlumbersStock

We are proud partners with Moen. Though we offer the lowest prices on the web for many options, in some cases, Moen does not allow us to advertise sale prices on certain items. If you happen to find a valve that we have listed at the same price as everybody else, contact us directly to see about possible special pricing. We want to give you the best deals; we are just bound by advertising agreements. If you are a contractor buying in bulk, we can do even better!

22 thoughts on “New Moen M-CORE Shower Valves”

  1. I am designing a bath/shower remodel which will require 3 outputs, fixed shower head, handheld and tub. I currently have Moentrol in anther bath and like the way it works. We just pull handle out to shower and left or right to adjust temp. Then push in to turn off. I understand M Core is mainly about ease of installation. If M Core works the same as Moentrol I would be interested.

    • M-Core has volume control just like Moentrol except the handle is tilted upward to increase volume rather than pullout. It still turns left and right for temperature.

      • Installed new Moen M CORE. On and off positions are reversed…now down for on and up for off? Also, the handle hits and and is hits the trim extension and shows a large opening at the top.

        • Hello, there! Thank you for posting your query here at PlumbersStock. If you have installed a new Moen M-CORE valve and are experiencing issues with the on/off positions being reversed and the handle hitting the trim extension, you can take a few steps to resolve the problems. First, turn off the water supply, remove the handle and trim, locate the cartridge, and rotate it 180 degrees to change the on/off positions. This should fix the reversed positions. You may refer to this video for more detailed instructions and installation (About the 5 min mark). Second, to adjust a trim extension to prevent the handle from hitting it and avoid a large opening at the top, start by removing the handle and trim. Assess the position of the trim extension and determine if it is misaligned. Loosen the screws that secure the trim extension, then adjust its position to ensure the handle no longer hits it and there is no significant opening at the top. Once adjusted, tighten the screws securely. Reinstall the handle and trim, making sure they are positioned correctly and securely attached. Test the handle movement to ensure it no longer interferes with the trim extension and there are no gaps. If these steps do not help, you may be in need of an extension kit to help bring your handle out further. We hope this information helps. and are happy to assist you in any way. Have a great day!

  2. I am designing a bath/shower remodel which will require 3 outputs, fixed shower head, handheld and tub. I currently have Moentrol in anther bath and like the way it works. We just pull handle out to shower and left or right to adjust temp. Then push in to turn off. I understand M Core is mainly about ease of installation. If M Core works the same as Moentrol I would be interested.

    • M-Core has volume control just like Moentrol except the handle is tilted upward to increase volume rather than pullout. It still turns left and right for temperature.

  3. I purchased a Moen U130CIS M-Core 3 series valve with 3 port. I also purchased a Moen T2252EPBN. Neither one of these came with the cartridge. Is the Moen 1213 M Core Series cartridge compatible with these to products?

    • Great question, Jim. The cartridge comes with the trim, so your valve purchase correctly did not include the cartridge.

      There is an exception to this rule when it comes to transfer valves. In those cases, you should find a cartridge with the valve.

  4. Just installed a mown M core 3 series shower and cartridge but once I turn the water values to on the shower handle does not turn the water off. It runs continuously. However, after reading the post here I believe my wife my have ordered and received a bath/shower cartridge as opposed to a shower cartridge only. How can you tell? thanks in advance

    • The Moen M-CORE cartridges comes in both a 3-port valve installation and 4-port valve installation. The 3-port valve installation only has 3 inlets/outlets where you need to flip the Adapter with Check Valves (180 degrees) so that the wing is at the top. On the other hand, the 4-port valve installation has 4 inlets/outlets where the three components of the mixing valve cartridge should have been assembled and ready for install into a 4-port mixing valve. For a shower-only installation, make sure you have the Moen M-CORE 3-port cartridge and that it is installed properly.


  5. How can I reverse hot and cold on my m core shower valve It’s installed and walls are finished , Do I just flip the cartridge ? I went with moen because I trusted their designs How do I fix this , thanks

    • Identify if you have an M-Core 3 Series or an M-Core 2 Series.

      A 3 Series M-Core handle rotates to adjust the water temperature and pushes in and out to adjust the force or volume exiting the showerhead or tub spout. This series has the M-Core 1213 blue cartridge, and unfortunately there is not a way to reverse hot and cold for it.

      A 2 Series M-Core handle rotates only to adjust the water temperature, the system only provides one level of water pressure. This series has the M-Core 1212 gray cartridge.

      Here are the steps to reverse hot and cold:

      Step 1. Using an adjustable wrench, unthread the Cartridge Nut counter-clockwise.

      Step 2. Slide the Cartridge out of the Valve Body paying special attention to the location of the posts on the back of the Cartridge, either on the top or the bottom. The Cartridge will be blue or gray.

      Step 3. Use Needle-Nose Pliers to pull the Pressure Balancing Puck out of the Valve Body, rotate the Pressure Balancing Puck 180 degrees and slide it back into the Valve Body until it stops against the Adapter with Check Valves.

      Step 4. Rotate the Cartridge 180 degrees aligning the 2 posts on Cartridge to mating feature on Pressure Balancing Puck. Push the Cartridge into Valve Body until it stops.

      Step 5. Tighten Cartridge Nut onto Valve Body by turning it clockwise until hand tight, and then turn an additional 1/4 turn with a wrench.

      Fore more details, visit

  6. With a U231 diverter valve can you have 2 outputs running at once or is the only option to run either output 1 or output 2? Thanks

  7. We had a plumber install our Moen M-core, series 3 shower valve, but we are puzzled with the degree of rotation of the control valve. Please confirm if this all is true: the off position for the valve is with the handle pointed down at 6 o’clock position. In that position it does not rotate to the right (towards 3 o’clock) and only rotates to left (towards 9 o’clock) . This seems like a very limited/tight range of travel for adjusting water temperature. The hot water setting to the left is fine (the valve only goes to about 8:30 o’clock). Is that all typical??

  8. MOEN U232CIS M-Core was installed with Align bath/shower and handshower. If I am reading the Moen literature correctly with the M-Core valve w. 3 diverters I think that both hand (3669EP) and rain shower (UT3293EP)should be able to work together and separately and I am not getting that now and it actually should work that way as Moen says it does. I turn on the bathtub and diverter is pointing to 6 oclock, there is also a diverter on the spout (both run the tub spout), 9oçlock position and a bit the rain shower works, 12oclock position nothing works, 3 oclock position hand shower works. I thought that I could run the hand and rain shower at the same time. If the the plumber had installed the U362 would this had worked? I wonder if the limiter and clip were removed from the transfer valve (how to you check that?) and also was the adapter rotated?

  9. I bought the model M-core 2 series Moen UT2813BN tub/shower trim set and it came with the cartridge. What kind of valve do I need to order? The website lists several different types.
    Thank you.


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