M-CORE vs. Moentrol | What Is the Difference Between M-CORE and Moentrol

M-CORE vs. Moentrol

For decades, Moen built their bath and shower systems off the backbone of Moentrol valves. In 2020, Moen announced that their engineers have overhauled their entire rough-in system with M-CORE valve technology. The first thing anybody wants to know is how M-CORE vs. Moentrol shakes out. Next, they want to know what this means for contractors and homeowners.

What Is the Difference Between M-CORE and Moentrol?

There are many distinctions between the two lines, but maybe the most pronounced is that M-CORE mixing valves do not come with a cartridge. This may sound like nothing, but it's actually a game-changer. It means that the contractor can install the mixing valve without limiting the future homeowner's options for trim installation and replacement. Another thing that is probably obvious but maybe needs mentioning is that the new cartridge assemblies are different than Moentrol's. With regard to M-CORE transfer valves, the cartridge does come with the valve just like you'd typically expect.

Moentrol mixing valves allowed for up to 3 functions, while M-CORE offers up to 6 functions (3 independent and 3 shared). In other words, you can connect up to three showering devices and run each independently, or any combination of two at a time. Is it still confusing to you? Check out this graphic:

how m-core shower functions work

Now let's get to the part that contractors are most excited about:

Installing Moen M-CORE Valves

The engineers at Moen set out to make a valve design with the installer in mind. This led them to create a superior solution with so many selling points we may be forgetting some. M-CORE valves offer:

m-core installation features explained
  1. A mounting bracket that allows for flat installation.
  2. Perfect alignment between the mixing outlet and transfer inlet
  3. Options for all connection types
  4. Pre-fabricated options with the tub el sweat connection already done.
  5. A smaller profile for more room within 2x4 framing
  6. Flexibility for thin and thick wall mounting (allows for +/- 0.25" of variability).
  7. Precise temperature limit adjustment.
m-core thin and thick wall installation guidelines

Is Moen Phasing Out Moentrol?

The quick answer is yes and no. Everything is moving to the new valve platform, but Moen is still taking measures to keep old school homeowners and industry professionals happy. They are continuing to make valve trim that will work with Moentrol valves. That way, if you don't want to replace the rough-in when the trim needs replacement, you can get away with a simple solution. Moen will continue to make Moentrol-compatible trim selectively from the following collections:

  • Align (Moentrol valve only, valve with transfer, transfer only)
  • Kingsley (Moentrol valve only, valve with transfer, transfer only)
  • M-DURA (transfer only)
  • Voss (Moentrol valve only, transfer only)

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