Power Drill Life Hack – Easy Shower Cleaning

power drill modified to clean showerby Brett Thomas

With good reason, people these days are all about finding clever ways to make their lives easier.  In the age of the internet, these methods have come to be known as “life hacks”.  Yesterday I was browsing one of my favorite social media sites and came across this awesome idea.  Caution: I would only use this method to clean real tile.  Most other materials probably aren’t equipped to withstand the harsh friction.  Maybe try a “magic eraser”.

Steel wool + power drill = no elbow grease required.  Honestly, cleaning a shower is a difficult task, particularly if it’s been a long time.  Not only will this save you a lot of effort, but I imagine that it makes the project go a lot quicker.  You could even take the Tom Sawyer approach and trick your kids into thinking this is fun and get them to do it for you (or at least get them to clean their own bathroom).

Also, I am interested in trying another tip for cleaning tile, which is to mix hot vinegar (I assume distilled white) with blue Dawn dish soap.  If you have put this method to the test, please give me feedback in the comment section.

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The source for this hack is imgur but be careful because many of the comments are not safe for work.

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