New Matte Black Moen Bathroom Faucet Additions

new matte black moen tub and shower faucet trim from 90 degree seriesWe’re excited to announce new matte black Moen bathroom faucet additions to a few of our favorite collections: 90 Degree, Belfield, and Voss! Our customers love Moen faucets, and it’s no secret why. They are an industry leader in terms of innovation and aesthetic designs. No matter what you are looking for, we’ve got the Moen bathroom series you need (as long as it hasn’t been discontinued):

90 Degree Matte Black Additions

The Moen 90 Degree collection is a stunning embodiment of contemporary elegance, featuring a range of fixtures, including bathroom sink faucets, shower trim, tub and shower trim, and Roman tub trim – all now finished in sleek and timeless matte black. Moen aptly describes this collection as a fusion of “ultra-modern styling” and minimalism. Its geometric forms, squared corners, and straight lines create a striking visual language that is perfect for modern bathrooms.

Pictured above is the Moen 90 Degree UTS2713EPBL tub/shower trim.

The matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication and ensures durability and easy maintenance. These fixtures are more than just functional; they are design statements, instantly elevating any bathroom. The 90 Degree collection is more than just a set of fixtures; it’s a comprehensive suite that can transform your entire bathroom into a cohesive urban oasis. Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom or create a bold contemporary design, the Moen 90 Degree collection is perfect. It offers the promise of form and function in every piece.

Belfield Matte Black Additions

new matte black Moen bathroom sink faucet from the Belfield seriesThe Moen Belfield collection offers a blend of timeless sophistication and traditional charm. Choose from an array of bathroom fixtures, including bathroom sink faucets, shower trim, tub and shower trim, and Roman tub trim. And now Belfield is available in matte black. Moen artfully characterizes this collection as a marriage of “Williamsburg-era details and intricate design cues.”

Pictured is the Moen Belfield 6401BL lavatory faucet.

The collection’s design pays homage to a bygone era, ensuring it remains a timeless and classic choice for any bathroom. Furthermore, multiple handle and finish options allow for a personalized touch that can effortlessly integrate into any design scheme. The matte black finish, in particular, infuses a contemporary edge into these traditional fixtures, making them functional and visually captivating. Moen’s Belfield collection is an impeccable choice for those who appreciate the fusion of classic design and modern aesthetics. Add a touch of luxury and nostalgia to your bathroom.

Voss Matte Black Additions

The Moen Voss collection is a testament to timeless design and contemporary elegance. This collection includes bathroom sink faucets, shower trim, tub and shower trim, and Roman tub trim. Now, Voss comes in stunning matte black. Moen characterizes the Voss collection as embodying an “ageless, yet fashion-forward” design with crisp edges and uncomplicated style features.

matte black Moen Voss widespread bathroom sink faucet Pictured is the Moen Voss T6905BL widespread lavatory faucet.

The Voss collection seamlessly bridges the gap between tradition and modernity with its confident transitional style. Its crisp lines and sleek matte black finish give any bathroom a sense of sophistication. These fixtures bring a sense of confidence and refinement to the bath. They are ideal for those who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary elements in their design.

With Moen’s reputation for quality and innovation, the Voss collection not only enhances the functionality of your bathroom but also elevates its aesthetic appeal. It’s a stylish and practical choice for those seeking a timeless and fashion-forward presence in their home. Check out other resources at

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