Introducing Grundfos UPSe and New ALPHA Circulator Pumps

grundfos upse circulator pumpComing Soon!

In case you haven’t heard, Grundfos is discontinuing ALPHA1 and ALPHA2 lines, and we’re excited to introduce New ALPHA and USPe circulator pumps. These state-of-the-art circulator pumps will improve the efficiency of your home and increase comfort. Circulator pumps accomplish this by allowing quicker access to hot water with less burden on your water heater.

What Are Grundfos USPe Circulator Pumps?

The Grundfos UPSe circulator pumps are a type of high-efficiency circulator specifically for heating systems. These pumps are engineered to provide significant energy savings compared to traditional non-ECM (electronically commutated motor) pumps commonly used in heating applications. Here’s an explanation of the key features and benefits of the Grundfos UPSe circulator pumps based on the information provided:

Energy Efficiency:

The UPSe circulator pumps are designed to be highly energy-efficient. They are equipped with electronically commutated motors (ECM), which are known for their superior energy efficiency. This means they consume less electricity, resulting in cost savings and reduced energy consumption, making them ideal for modern, energy-conscious heating systems.

Control Modes:

These pumps offer three different control modes. These modes allow for versatile and precise control over water circulation within the heating system. This flexibility makes UPSe pumps suitable for various heating applications. Optimize them for various heating requirements.

Optimized Hydraulics:

The UPSe pumps optimize hydraulics, which means that the design of the pump and its components maximize efficiency. Hydraulic optimization results in improved performance and reduced energy wastage.

Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating:

The UPSe pumps have received the market’s highest Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating. This rating signifies that they are at the forefront of energy-efficient pump technology and can contribute significantly to reducing energy consumption in heating systems.

Blockage Prevention:

The UPSe pumps have non-magnetic shafts and bearings to reduce the system’s blockage risk. In the event of a blockage, the pump can shift between different torque levels to shake the rotor loose, helping to maintain uninterrupted circulation.

Dry-Run Protection:

The UPSe range includes an in-built dry-run protection feature. This feature is essential in preventing pump breakdowns caused by the absence of water in the system. It can automatically stop the pump if there is no presence of water, protecting it from damage.


UPSe pumps are designed to be self-venting in any setting and mode. This means they can effectively release trapped air and ensure optimal performance without unnecessary noise or reductions in efficiency.

Warning and Alarm Read-Out:

These pumps have a built-in warning and alarm read-out system. This feature helps users quickly identify and address any issues with the pump, facilitating prompt maintenance and minimizing downtime in heating systems.

In summary, Grundfos UPSe circulator pumps are a highly efficient and technologically advanced solution for heating systems. They save energy, reduce the risk of blockages and dry running, maintain performance, and provide users with clear information on the pump’s status. This makes them an excellent choice for modern, energy-efficient, sustainable heating systems.

What Are Grundfos New ALPHA Circulator Pumps?

The Grundfos New ALPHA circulator pumps are a high-efficiency solution for heating systems. They incorporate advanced digital technology to provide faster installation, simplified setup and troubleshooting, higher energy savings, and reduced service callbacks compared to traditional pumps. Here’s an explanation of the key features and benefits of the Grundfos New ALPHA circulator pumps based on the information provided:

High Efficiency:

The New ALPHA circulator pumps deliver high energy efficiency. They significantly reduce energy consumption when circulating water in heating systems, resulting in cost savings and a more sustainable heating solution.

Digital Connectivity:

These pumps digitally connect to your controls, making them compatible with smart systems and enabling digital troubleshooting. This connectivity enhances their versatility and adaptability for existing and future domestic heating systems.

Automated Commissioning:

The New ALPHA pumps support automatic commissioning, simplifying the initial setup process. This feature streamlines the installation of the pump, ensuring the correct configuration for the specific heating system in which it is installed.

Built-In Firmware Updates:

The pumps feature built-in firmware updates, allowing for quick and easy troubleshooting of potential pump and system concerns. This feature keeps the pump and its software up to date, ensuring optimal performance and providing a smoother troubleshooting experience.

Continuous Software Updates:

The New ALPHA circulator pumps provide a digital solution that remains up-to-date with the latest software developments. This ensures that the pump’s functionality and efficiency improve over time, aligning with evolving heating system requirements and technologies.

Intelligent Device:

The New ALPHA pumps are not just basic tools but intelligent devices designed to assist in commissioning and system optimization. This intelligence makes them user-friendly and capable of adapting to various heating system configurations.

Guided Setup:

The New ALPHA pumps offer guided setup, providing recommendations on any application’s appropriate mode and settings. This feature simplifies the configuration process, ensuring the pump operates optimally and efficiently.

In summary, Grundfos New ALPHA circulator pumps are an advanced and digitally connected solution for heating systems. They combine energy efficiency, digital troubleshooting, automated commissioning, firmware updates, and intelligent features to provide a more user-friendly and efficient heating system component. These pumps adapt to the changing landscape of domestic heating and offer higher convenience and performance for installers and customers. Check out for more information.

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