Introducing Grundfos Alpha Pump Kits

grundfos alpha pump kitsWe are excited to announce the release of the new Grundfos ALPHA recirculation pump kits. This is the most innovative pump of its kind currently available to the market.

An on-demand hot water heater system delivers the best showering experience because it is instant. A major drawback with these tankless water heaters is that high usage can result in expensive utilities. A tank water heater is wasteful because it heats water all the time. Going tankless eliminates this problem. However, if you have teenagers who take long showers, they will never run out of hot water with a tankless system. You can see how this might be an expensive dilemma. The great news is that there is a great solution for both problems in the form of recirculation pumps. As the name suggests, they recirculate unused hot water, which less burdens the water heater (and your energy bill). There are three options to choose from:

Efficiency and Versatility:

The Grundfos Alpha recirculation pump series is a versatile solution suitable for various applications, including hydronic heating (boilers). The series includes comprehensive kits where the base model consists of a circulator pump, a temperature sensor, a remote, and two convenient push-button controls.

Smart Technology at Work:

What sets the Grundfos Alpha series apart is its intelligent design. The system operates on a Bluetooth signal, identifying hot water demand. Once the signal is received, the pump starts running automatically. The external temperature sensor continuously monitors the water temperature; when it reaches 102 degrees Fahrenheit, the pump will shut off automatically.

This smart functionality guarantees optimal energy efficiency and prevents unnecessary water heating.

The Grundfos Alpha recirculation pump series is equipped with the ALPHA circulator. This technology incorporates an ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) and plug and pump technology. These innovative features enable the pump to operate only when hot water is needed.

Understanding Recirculation Pumps:

Recirculation pumps eliminate the waiting time for hot water by continuously circulating water from the water heater to the fixtures and back. These pumps create a closed-loop system. This ensures that hot water is readily available at each faucet or shower.

The Functioning Process:

When someone uses a hot water faucet, a recirculation pump detects and activates the flow. This initiates the circulation process. The pump moves the hot water from the water heater through the plumbing pipes and back to the heater. Users enjoy an instant supply of hot water. This circulation process eliminates water waste by letting it run until it reaches the desired temperature.

Benefits of Recirculation Pumps:

The primary advantage of recirculation pumps in water heater systems is the instant availability of hot water. By eliminating the waiting time, these pumps enhance convenience and efficiency. Additionally, recirculation pumps contribute to water conservation efforts by minimizing wastage during the hot water delivery process.

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