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About Sprinkler Timers

Everyone strives to have a lawn and garden that is the envy of the neighborhood. One of the most important steps in achieving a lush, green, and inviting lawn is to water with even coverage. Many do not have the time, or desire, to adjust, move, and control water hoses throughout the day. Luckily, automatic sprinkler controllers take care of that for you. Timers allow you to water your lawn any time of the day.

Whether you are relaxing inside your home or vacationing in another country, your automatic sprinkler timer will properly care for lawn. The following should give you a bit of a guide to follow when selecting the best sprinkler timer.

Sprinkler Timer Types and Features

There are two main categories of sprinkler timer, digital and electromechanical. Most homeowners prefer digital, but the one drawback is that they are susceptible to power outages that can interrupt operation. Digital is the preference because it allows for dynamic functionality. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can buy irrigation controllers with awesome features that can actually help you save in the long term.

Individual Station Settings

The best sprinkler timer will allow you to customize settings for each station. Say you have six stations; you will want to have the option to omit some of the zones, choose the order in which they are watered, and how long each of them is watered.

A 4-zone timer will only run 4 electric valves. Plan ahead. If your system may require more stations in the future, buy the 6 station timer. This will cost a few dollars more now, but potentially save you a lot in the future. There are some timers that have the ability to add additional stations by using bigger modules. Many timers also have multi-function capabilities which allow you more versatility in your watering times.

Backup Power

If you live in a stormy area that suffers frequent power outages, you may want a sprinkler controller with a backup battery. It should be noted that you cannot run your sprinklers on the battery power, but it does ensure your setting are saved so that you can avoid the inconvenience of resetting it every time the power goes out.

Rain Sensors

No matter what kind of climate, rain/freeze sensors are useful. This feature is especially helpful if you have plants, trees, and grass that are susceptible to over-watering. Most controls with rain sensors offer a bypass, so you can use your best judgment and manually override the sensors.

Drip Irrigation Timer

There are controllers made specifically for drip zones if that is all you need.

These are just a few features and options to consider. If you have any trouble deciding which features are necessary, and which features you can omit to save money, contact a member of customer service team.

How Many Zones for Your Sprinkler Controller?

The first step in deciding which timer to buy is to strategize coverage. Many yards have areas that need to be watered more than others, and your timer can be customized to meet these needs. It is helpful to divide your lawn into zones, taking note of which areas need more or less water to determine how long you want to water that zone. Another important consideration is which time of day you want the sprinkler system to come on. These zones should all be connected with a single valve. You can then find a sprinkler controller that will be able to handle the number of zones you have specified. From there, you can decide on additional features that will make your sprinkling system more effective.

Why Use a Timer?

Many years ago companies and cities didn't have automatic sprinkler timers and had to hire a professional to water their landscape around the clock. Today we can water grass and flower beds with a simple click of a button all thanks to sprinkler timers. There are many great benefits to installing a commercial sprinkler timer for your office or commercial building, including:

  • Saves Money - Not only does it cost money to pay someone to water your landscape each week, but you also run the risk of forgetting that your sprinklers are turned on if you don't use a timer. This could get really costly and make for a very large water bill.
  • Easy - You can program your timer to water your landscape at a certain time on a certain day every day of the week. Once you set up your timer you don't even need to think about watering your landscape, you can just enjoy how beautiful it looks.
  • Consistently Waters - Grass and shrubs should not be over-watered or under watered. Setting up a watering pattern with your sprinkler timer makes it easy to control how much water your plants are actually getting. In the long run this will keep your yard looking nice and help your plants to live a much longer life span.
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