New TOTO G400 Washlets vs TOTO G500

toto g400 washlets with toiletWith over 40 million Washlets sold, TOTO has produced one of the best selling bathroom solutions the industry has ever seen. On the heels of this success, they are replacing the extremely popular TOTO G500 with the new TOTO G400 Washlets. In case you are unfamiliar, Washlets are the most popular electronic bidet seats on the market.

Consumers who are sad to see the G500 go won’t be depressed for long, the new G400 is loaded with the best features from the original. As you’d expect, TOTO has taken this fantastic bidet seat and improved on it with an amazing new feature called Premist. With Premist, the bidet seat will lightly mist the bowl, which makes the surface wet and slippery, and much better at eliminating waste. In fact, the design has proven to eliminate waste 80% better than a dry bowl.

Pictured is the TOTO MS920CEMFG#01 Dual-Max G400 Washlet with Integrated Toilet.

TOTO G400 Washlets Are Innovative

  • Sensor operation – for crying out loud, the toilet seat senses the user is near and opens, closes, and flushes automatically. How cool is that? It’s an underrated feature because it takes your bathroom hygiene to a whole new level. After all, who would want to touch the toilet with their fingers if they didn’t have to?
  • Touch pad control – program user preferences so that you get customized usage. It’s very user friendly and easy to manage. The memory works for two different users, so it’s perfect for your master bathroom.
  • Flushing technology – of course it utilizes their patented Dual-Max 3D flushing system, but it also allows the user to select the volume used to flush the toilet (0.9 GPF vs 1.28 GPF). That difference can add up to lots of money and water saved over time. Our customers who put a premium on reducing their impact on the environment love this feature!
  • g400 toto washlet installedWashlet feature – as the most innovative bidet seat in the business, the cleaning feature is what really sets it apart. If you haven’t used one before, you may not understand how important this selling point is, but the cleansing wand always delivers warm water. It then uses warm air to dry the area the wand has cleaned. It sounds weird, but you’ll love it!
  • Self-cleaning feature – With the patented CeFiONTect glaze, this toilet will deliver superior self-cleaning results. The glaze creates a slippery surface that is very easy to manage. It cleans while it flushes. As mentioned, the pre-misting feature will work in concert with this glaze to make your life easy.
  • Design – the futuristic look will make a great addition to any bathroom and the skirted design will cover the trapway, and maybe best of all it’s easy to keep clean.

Save on TOTO G400 Washlets at PlumbersStock

As you’d expect, we have great prices on TOTO products, and that includes the new G400 Washlets. If you are wanting to get the tried and true G500, you had better act fast while they are still in stock. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. We also carry two similar integrated bidet/toilets from other brands: the American Standard INAX SATIS and the ProStock PSBTWE1000.

8 thoughts on “New TOTO G400 Washlets vs TOTO G500

  1. Mike

    So, where is the G500 comments? I thought this was a G400 vs G500 comparison, as the title would suggest? What is new with the G400 that the G500 does not have? Is the G400 a nicer toilet? Etc..

  2. admin Post author

    Mike, thanks for the question and sorry it wasn’t clear enough in the article. Really, the only difference is that the new G400 has the Premist feature that we mentioned. Other than that, it’s the same as the G500 (which is being phased out).

  3. admin Post author

    No Tracy, unfortunately not all parts are interchangeable, although some are. And the deoderizing filter is on the bottom right hand side of the toilet, near the front.

  4. Bud

    We had a power outage in our neighborhood. When it came back on 15 min later the G500 seems just fine. Now notice lid lifts as usual but when command 2nd lid up it stays up only about 15-20 secs (not 90) as designed. How do I reset time with side switches like older Washlets. Lost operation papers.

  5. admin Post author

    Hello there! Thank you for trusting PlumbersStock with your question. We are so sorry to hear about that. What you can do is change the waiting time of your Toto Toto G500's auto-close feature using the remote control. First, on your remote control, press [Menu]. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate. Select "AUTO FUNCTIONS", then press [ENTER]. Navigate and select "AUTO OPEN/CLOSE", then press [ENTER]. Next, select "AUTO CLOSE WAITING TIME". Use the left and right arrow keys to select "90SEC" or "25SEC", then press [ENTER]. For more information, please refer to this Instruction Manual. On page 54, you will find the troubleshooting guide. We hope this helps. Have a nice day!

  6. Gilbert Menard

    My water level in my g500 toto is low ,what is the problem and how can change the level higher..thanks

  7. admin Post author

    I’m not sure if you’re asking regarding the water level on the G500 tank, or the water level on the water spot, the water resting at the bottom of the bowl? So I’ll thoroughly answer:

    To have a normal water level, the Washlet, which has a tank capacity of .20 gal (0.78 L), should be supplied with water at a minimum of 7.25 PSI (Dynamic) and a maximum of 108.5 PSI (Static) of water pressure.

    You’ll know that the water tank is full because after every flush, the tank is being refilled within 1 to 2 minutes. The LED on the main display will flicker during the filling process. When the tank is full the LED changes. If this happens, you have a normal water level in your tank.

    If you have a low water level in your tank, the problem may be caused by a leak in the water supply hose, the water supply valve may be closed or not fully open, or the water pressure needed to supply water to the toilet is lower than the specification.

    So make sure that there are no leaks in the supply hose and that the supply valve is fully opened. Also, the water pressure needed to supply the water must be within the specification which is a minimum of 7.25 PSI (Dynamic) and a maximum of 108.5 PSI (Static) of water pressure.

    If the question refers to the water surface level in the toilet bowl, it should be 5-3/8″ x 4-5/8″. There are a number of reasons why it is lower than that.

    1. There is not enough water to put into the bowl. This is the result of not having enough water in the toilet tank. So make sure that the water tank is being refilled properly.
    2. There might be something like a rag or string caught in the trap which is slowly wicking the bowl water down the drain. This would be solved by a good snaking.
    3. The sewer vent pipe is blocked. This could also be solved by a good snaking.
    4. There is a crack in the toilet.

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