Introducing the Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor

moen smart sump pump monitor with cable sensorComing soon!

One of the reasons that Moen is among our favorite brands here at PlumbersStock is that they excel in intelligent solutions for plumbing professionals and homeowners. What if we told you that you don’t have to be home in order to turn on your sump pump in an emergency? We are excited to introduce the new Moen smart sump pump monitor. Homeowners can literally buy peace of mind when it comes to water damage from ingress (water from outside entering your home) flooding.

If you live in a flood zone, this device could be a figurative lifesaver. Anybody who has lost photo albums, baseball card collections, or experienced thousands of dollars in damages to flooding will tell you that this affordable invention can save you plenty of heartaches.

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New WASHLET G450 and Toilet Combo by TOTO

toto washlet g450 toilet installedWe are so excited about our new product release because it comes from one of our favorite manufacturers. TOTO is a leading global manufacturer of high-tech toilets and innovative bathroom solutions with a range of technologically advanced products. TOTO is discontinuing the G400 (you can still get it here while supplies last). Its replacement, the new TOTO G450 WASHLET, combines a cutting-edge toilet design with an integrated electronic bidet seat, just like its predecessor. So what’s different about the G450?

Buy the TOTO G450 WASHLET with Integrated Toilet

G450 vs. G400

Each generation of smart toilets brings something new to the table. There are two main ways the G450 is an upgrade over the G400. First of all, the G450 WASHLET is much more compact. It measures just 21 inches from the ground, at its highest point, which is 6 inches shorter than the G400. Second of all, the G450 can maintain the same level of flushing performance as the G400 but with a more efficient flush.

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New Brizo Frank Lloyd Wright Bathroom Faucets

frank lloyd wright tub filler on display in a forest

It’s been a while since we’ve had an exciting release from Brizo. That’s because one of their best teams of engineers has been working on something big for the last 5 years, and it was worth the wait. Wait until you get a load of these new Brizo Frank Lloyd Wright bathroom faucets, inspired by one of the great functionally artistic minds of the 20th century. The Frank Lloyd Wright collection has everything you need to complete your bathroom remodel with stunning fixtures.

These fixtures come in one of six different finishes: chrome, polished nickel, polished nickel/teak, Luxe nickel, Luxe nickel/teak, and Luxe steel (in order, pictured below). The links below point to the chrome version of each faucet, but we have all six colors from which to choose.

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