Introducing the New TOTO Neorest Wall Hung Toilet

new toto neorest wall hung toilet angled product view
The sleek design stands out with sharp edges. This particular color is cotton and the MPN is CWT994CEMFG#01

We are excited to announce the arrival of the new TOTO Neorest EW Wall-hung Dual-Flush toilet. It’s both innovative and elegant. Although it is a large price point, we currently have the best deal and there are enough features to make your head spin.

Our price is so low we are not allowed to advertise it. You can see our secret price here TOTO Neorest CWT994CEMFG#01 by adding it to cart.

This installation includes both the toilet and the WASHLET. As one of the leading innovators for electronic bidet seats, the product experts at TOTO included all the bells and whistles with this Neorest.

Toilet Features

At PlumbersStock, we have every kind of toilet you can think of and this Neorest truly stands out from the bunch, starting with the wall-mount installation.

  • ADA – as you’d expect, the toilet is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Dual Flush – there are two different flush options for conservation purposes. One option operates at 1.28 GPF and the other at 0.9 GPF.
  • CeFiONtect – this proprietary glaze technology is one of the favorite features among customers. CeFiONtect uses an ion barrier which will help to keep the toilet cleaner for longer. You may already be familiar with this technology, it used to go by the name Sana-Gloss.
  • Universal Height – TOTO engineers have determined that 16-1/2″ tall is the best height for the widest range of users.
  • Tornado Flush – if you are wondering how TOTO can get so much power out of low volume flushing, it’s because of this double cyclone flushing mechanism.

WASHLET Features

As mentioned, WASHLETS are bidet seats that require electricity to function. Americans are familiar with the idea of bidets, but they never caught on here. One reason is they take up as much space as having an extra toilet. With bidet seats, that is not the case and they offer much more comfort and hygienic benefits. The bells and whistles vary from model to model. This particular WASHLET that comes with the TOTO Neorest EW Wall-hung Dual-Flush toilet is capable of delivering all the following features.

  • Oscillating and pulsing comfort washing
  • Quiet automatic lid open/close feature
  • Automatic flush
  • Automatic air purifying system
  • Heated seat with adjustable settings
  • Adjustable spray position
  • Programmable energy saver system
  • Back-up manual flush
  • eWater+® mists the bowl with electrolyzed water reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Multifunctional remote control

Neorest Wall-Hung Toilet Installation Tips

Because of the wall-mount configuration, this isn’t your average installation. Rather than go into boring and confusing detail about the installation, it’s probably easier if you just watch this video made by TOTO.

Also, we have the spec sheet here for you if you want to check that out. One thing you will want to pay attention to in the spec sheet: there is an illustration depicting potential problems with baseboards and your wall-mount installation. Be sure to consider that obstacle, if it exists in your bathroom.

Buy the TOTO Neorest EW Wall-hung Dual-Flush Toilet

It’s not the cheapest toilet, but it is luxurious and you will have a difficult time finding a better price. This is the perfect solution for a fancy hotel suite, a master bathroom in a mansion, or high end office space. Save when you buy the TOTO CWT994CEMFG#01 Wall-Hung Neorest at If you don’t care about the wall-hung feature, then maybe just get the Neorest 700H.

If you’re looking for a simpler solution for a wall-mounted toilet installation, our most popular option is the Gerber 20-021 back outlet toilet. Another trending option is the American Standad 2882.107.020 Glenwall VorMax.

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