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If you are looking for a filter, whether it be for irrigation, residential or even for your turf farm then Action Machining is a company worth looking into. Action filters lead the industry for several different applications. Not only do they produce filters they also manufacturer manifolds for a series of applications. PlumbersStock offers Action machining:

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Action Filters

When it comes to installing your sprinkler system the last thing that you think you might need is a filter. As important as they may seem, they are a must to keep your lines clear and working properly. Action filters are installed within the manifold system to filter out any dirt and debris from entering into your water lines. If you do not install a filter with any watering or irrigation system you are running the risk of getting dirt into your lines. When dirt enters into your line if could continuously build up in one area and cause a pipe to burst or it could blow a sprinkler head. Either one of the damaging effects of dirt and debris in your line can make a mess of your yard or crops and result in costly repairs. Action filters offer high quality preventing unnecessary damages that could occur from objects entering into your pipe.

Purchasing a filter for your system is only the first step. The initial filter comes with the housing and filter, but as you can imagine, over time the filter does efficient work and gets dirty with dirt and other debris. Then this happens it causes the Action filter to be less efficient. Action filter not only offers the complete housing with filter but they also offer filter replacements. This allows you to easily replace the filter with our having to replace the whole housing and it will continue to keep your lines clean.


A manifold is a system of valves once they are connected together so when you are purchasing a manifold for your sprinkling system you are purchasing all the valves hooked together. Manifolds are used on both the residential level as well as the commercial level and are design for the most simple or intricate systems. Action Machining offers a variety of manifolds for irrigation, agriculture, and residential use. Along with the manifolds they also offer a series of gaskets and O-rings that will work with both the manifolds and the filters to ensure they are installed properly with a secure connection.

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Be sure to check out the inventory offered on of Action Machining products. Their products are easy to use and will help you keep your watering lines clean. For more information on Action filter products contact a professional today. Thank you for choosing PlumbersStock for filters.

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