Escutcheon Covers

About Escutcheons

Escutcheon covers aren’t strictly necessary when it comes to function, but plumbing isn’t always about function. Often it’s about design (ask your wife!). In fact, in most cases, faucet escutcheon plates are somewhat about protection but are more about aesthetics. Used to shield the inner workings of your plumbing assembly from mold, escutcheons provide a nice finishing touch to your installation.

Fortunately, if you are looking for good discount escutcheon plates and other faucet parts for your bathroom, PlumbersStock offers a wide variety of products (Moen, Pfister, GROHE, and more) to help you out. Read on for more information!

Types of Escutcheons

In reality, escutcheons are pretty simple in function and, thus, vary much from product to product. But, when it comes to style, there are simple distinguishing factors that you must keep in mind when purchasing. To help you out with that, here are the types of escutcheon rings, plates, and pins we provide. Before purchasing, consider:

  • Single Handle Escutcheons: If you have a tub faucet or kitchen faucet with only one handle, single handle escutcheons are what you need. These provide holes for one handle and temperature designs that show which side is hot and which is cold.
  • Double Handle Escutcheons: These are similar to a single handle but offer insertion points for two handles (generally used for sinks).
  • Shower Escutcheons: Offered in the single handle and double handled varieties, shower escutcheon plates hide the plumbing behind shower handles.
  • Escutcheon Parts: From gaskets to O-rings to screws and more, escutcheon parts allow easy repair and replacement. Call for more information about our escutcheon plate replacement parts.

Do I Need an Escutcheon Plate?

Though, technically, your bathroom could function without escutcheons, purchasing one is highly recommended. Not only do bathrooms look unfinished without the correct escutcheon, but the “guts” of your plumbing system also should not be exposed to the possibility of further calcification and rust. Cartridges and stems—both of which are very important to the heat control and water flow functions of your shower—can be damaged via exposure, causing repair costs and time spent repairing to unnecessarily increase. Furthermore, the wood behind your tiled walls can easily begin growing mold, which may end in lower property values or expensive cleaning. In other words, though escutcheon rings and plates are not necessary for the function of your shower, they are very important to the design of your bathroom (or kitchen) overall and should not be skipped out on. Remember to buy escutcheon pins to match the finish of your plate or rings for the best result.

Escutcheon Plate Installation

Overall, installing an escutcheon ring or plate is extremely easy and pretty self-explanatory. But, if you need some help, here are some basic instructions:

  1. Clean area where plates will be placed (make sure area is completely dry before placing).
  2. Apply plumbers putty using instructions on the putty package.
  3. Place the escutcheon plate on the wall and allow the plumbers' putty to take effect (apply pressure for a minute or two).
  4. Anchor into place with screws.

Buy Escutcheon Rings and Plates Online

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