Towel Bars

About Towel Bars

Though oftentimes an afterthought, towel storage is an important part of your bathroom décor. Offering continuity, beauty, functionality, and just one more factor that can complete the style you are aiming for, bathroom towel bar sets are a must for most homes.

We here at PlumbersStock have made a strong effort to include some of the best towel bar products within our stock selection. With hundreds of bathroom towel bar options, we offer the widest selection of towel storage options and modern bathroom accessories at discount prices. If you want hand towel rings, robe hooks, or bath towel shelves, we have it all.

Benefits of Installing Towel Bars

  • No Mold: Because towels placed on the floor do not dry very well, there is a rather high chance that you could promote the growth of mold on both the towel itself and the floor it lies upon. A towel rod can circumvent that, reducing the prospective damage and ensuring you are not exposed to harmful mold.
  • Cleaner Towels: In addition to mold, towels on the floor are subject to absorbing bacteria, increasing your chances of sickness and making your towel less clean in general. Fortunately, though it won’t completely reduce the bacteria your towel is exposed to, a towel rack can help significantly lower the levels and ensure your towel stays clean longer.
  • Great Design: Of course, double towel bar sets also can help make the décor in your bathroom that much more complete. With hundreds of options and several high-quality brands, you’ll be able to make your bathroom more beautiful than ever before. Check out our product page to see our selection of towel rods.

Tips for Buying

If you go with a trusted name you are certain to get a product that is built to last and with so many options here at PlumbersStock, you are certain to find one that beautifully matches your bathroom.

A towel bar is mounted to the bathroom wall typically very close to the shower or bathtub for convenience. Dry towels hang on the bar for storage and once the towel is used and wet, it can be hung back on the bathroom towel bar which allows it to dry properly. Many manufacturers have created sets of bathroom accessories which include matching bathroom towel storage accessories (bars shelves, and toilet paper holders, and hand towel rings). These sets come in finishes that will match the sink faucet and shower/tub trim, so they can be installed in chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, stainless steel, etc.

Tips for Positioning

  • Typically they are mounted near the shower or tub for convenience.
  • It must be hung high enough to accommodate the length of the towel bar. The standard height for installation is 48 inches from the floor.
  • Do not install a bar behind a door, the swinging door and protruding object can do damage to each other. In most cases, the bar will not reach two studs in the wall. It is recommended to position one end on a stud and use a wall anchor for the other end

How to Install a Towel Bar

  • Use the actual hardware included with your purchase as a template to mark exactly where to drill your mounting holes.
  • Use a pencil to mark the actual spots where you want to drill your holes. Using masking tape and a level is a convenient way to measure out your hole space.
  • Use a different sized drill bit for each of the two ends. The wall anchor will require a much larger diameter hole than the screws that are being installed directly into the stud.
  • Install the wall fastener into the wall, then mount the hardware onto the wall and place the ends of the bar over the hardware.
  • Using the screws included, attach them to the mounting equipment.

Buy Bathroom Towel Bars Online

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