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About Commercial Plumbing Parts

Commercial faucets tend to be more heavy-duty than their residential-application counterparts. That means when they break, you will need commercial-grade replacement faucet parts. There is no better place to shop for faucet parts for your commercial installation. Save with PlumbersStock on the best brands for commercial faucet parts, including products from Sloan and Chicago.

Build your own

It is very common with utility faucets that you can build your own with various commercial faucet parts. You can customize it to fit your needs by choosing the different styles and functions. You can specify the height you desire for you faucet spout, the type of handle, and the type of faucet end. For example, if you wish you can choose a faucet end that has a hose connection, allowing you to fill up mop buckets, spray down muddy shoes, or anything of that sort. You can also choose a faucet end that has an attachable nozzle to allow for smaller, more powerful streams of water.

Faucet Handles

Many utility faucets come with a hands-free function, allowing you to turn on the water with the motion of your hand. This helps to conserve water because the water is only on for the amount of time your hand is under the faucet, and it automatically turns off when the hands are removed. There is also the option of the push down handles, allowing the water to turn on for as long as the faucet handle is down, usually about 10-20 seconds. If the user wants more water, they need to push down on the faucet again to turn it on, and as it automatically rises up it shuts off the flow of water. Applying these commercial faucet parts will save you from vandals. If you want a faucet with handles there are many options to choose from including twist knobs, turn levers, and wing style handles.

Foot Pedals

A newer technology that is commonly used in medical fields has been introduced to the common household and public world. This technology of foot pedals takes the hands-free experience to a new level. The foot pedals and faucet spout are sold separately and later connected to control the water. There are two pedals, one for hot water and the other for the cold water. This hands-free commercial faucet part even allows you to push on both pedals to get a mixture of water. This function allows for water conservation which leads to saving more money in your wallet. With the lack of handles, it helps to keep your countertop cleaner because you do not have to reach past the sink basin to turn the water on or off.

Soap Dispensers

When purchasing commercial faucet parts for a place with high levels of traffic a consideration to make is the type of soap dispenser you want. There are a few varieties to choose from. There is a typical push lever type that dispenses the allotted amount as they push the bottom lever. You can also choose the hands-free variety that is run by a motion sensor. There are wall-mount or sink mount varieties. Remember to consider the refill packets and costs associated with them when deciding on your soap dispenser.

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