Viega Manabloc

Manabloc Manifolds

Viega Manabloc is a great option if you are looking for a manifold system. The right manifold will help you improve your hot and cold water distribution. PlumbersStock offers plumbing products from the most trusted manufacturers, which is why we carry Viega Manabloc systems.

What Is a Manabloc System?

It's a state of the art manifold system that allows you to control your home's hot and cold water flow to individual fixtures. Connected with PEX supply lines a Manabloc can replace a traditional pipe plumbing system, in many cases offering savings on installation. Each line has it very own shut-off valve. The main water supply connects to the Manabloc plumbing system to channel cold water, and the water heater connects to provide hot water.


A Viega Manabloc offers several conveniences. Chief among them may be the fact that it provides balanced water pressure. There is nothing worse than a home with poor plumbing that allows one appliance or fixture to siphon off the water pressure in another unit. If noise is a factor in your plumbing system you may be able to cut down on that annoyance because manifold systems quietly operate. As was already mentioned, a Manabloc plumbing system is fairly easy to install. Individual shut-off valves make it convenient to cut off the water supply to an appliance or fixture that needs maintenance or replacing. Valves are easy to adjust with a Manabloc key.

Viega Manabloc Specifications

  • Here at PlumbersStock we offer Manablocs that can accommodate 3/8 inch supply lines as well as the less common 1/2 inch supply lines.
  • Each model offers a certain amount of ports. We carry Manabloc systems ranging from 6 ports to 36. Your home’s needs determine exactly how many ports you want. Obviously larger homes with more appliances will need more lines feeding the manifold system, so strategize based on your current home’s layout, and plan for whatever improvements and additions you may make in the future.
  • Minibloc is usually used to supply external faucets and appliances that only receive cold water before the main supply line reaches the Manabloc manifold. For instance you may not want soft water supplied to external faucets and maybe the fridge, so you can divert the main line using the Minibloc. It may also be used in the case of a small home or apartment or to service just a portion of a home. They do restrict you to only hot or cold water. The models with black-tipped valves can either be hot or cold water, and the models with blue-tipped valves can only be cold water. These are a lot more affordable than a standard manifold system, so if a Minibloc has the capability to meet your needs then we highly recommend these smaller models.
  • All Viega Manabloc systems utilize PEX supply lines to distribute water to the various fixtures in your home.

Be Careful!

It is highly recommended that you use 24 inches of copper piping between the water heater and the Viega Manabloc. In some cases the heat can damage plastic parts and the PEX lines.

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