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About Jobsite Radio Parts

Save on radio replacement parts at PlumbersStock. Everybody loves listening to the radio when working. No matter if you’re working on the plumbing, getting the AC up and running, or simply trying to get some work done in the garage, music makes the work go faster. Having an industrial radio always helps (particularly in those high-stress areas) but as time goes on and your radio gets older and older, things will start to break and—before long—your poor old radio may seem like it’s about to kick the bucket.

Choosing Your Parts

Before repairing your radio, you need to determine what parts need replacing and what parts simply need fixing. Here’s a quick rundown on the best jobsite radio parts we have and what their malfunctioning can do to an otherwise functional radio:

  • Speaker Grills: Oftentimes the most annoying malfunctions are those of the aesthetic variety. Whether you simply dropped your radio, or it just took one beating too much, the grill is normally the part that suffers. And, while this doesn’t really affect the functionality of the radio, who wants a bent up speaker face when you could buy a brand new one for pennies on the dollar?
  • Tuner Assembly: After heavy use, the tuner assembly—which controls how you change the channel on your radio—can go bad; this, unfortunately, will almost always require a replacement. Luckily for you, replacing the tuner assembly isn’t as hard as it may seem and, with a little guidance, you can do it yourself.
  • Antenna: Antennas are fickle, fickle products, and they are oftentimes the first component to go bad on a job site radio (causing unclear sound quality and easy loss of signal). If your antenna breaks, we have tons of fantastic replacement ones so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Radio Upkeep Tips

Though many of the products we offer here are pretty self-explanatory in terms of installation, there are a few things you should keep in mind when replacing your Ridgid or Milwaukee jobsite radio parts. Here are a few tips that you should always remember:

  1. Always Clean your Radio: Dirt, grime, and rust can all get into the radio itself and cause havoc. Thus, clean your radio, and you may wind up fixing the problem right away!
  2. Check the Tubes or Capacitors: Tubes and capacitors normally last quite a long time (if they are in a newer radio) and probably don’t need to be replaced. That said, if you drop your radio, there is a small chance they may break. Replace if needed.
  3. Always Check the Switches and Power Cords: As with most electrical products, the switches and cords are very important to make the entire production run. If either is shorted, broken or even just slightly damaged, you may find yourself with a completely useless product; use a meter to check voltage and make sure the cord does not have cracks or inconsistencies before graduating to more intricate repair work.

Buy Replacement Radio Parts for Jobsites

Just remember, we offer a wide variety of parts that can and will help you with your repair projects, even if it's a radio. Regardless of your budget, you will find something that can help you and make sure you don’t break the bank.

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