Sink Mounting Hardware

About Sink Mounting Hardware

If you are looking to mount a sink, chances are you will need mounting hardware. Without the right sink parts, like mounting brackets, plates, clamps, and bolts you will have a hard time securing your installation. If you are looking for quality sink mounting hardware at an acceptable price, you are certainly in the right place. We offer all the highest quality brands (Moen, Elkay), as well as up to 50% off on some of the best products in stock.

Read on for more information and our guide on purchasing mounting equipment! Whether you have an undermount kitchen sink or a wall-mount bathroom sink, PlumbersStock has the parts you need.

Types of Sink Mounting Hardware

When it comes to sink hardware, there are three common types for mounting application: undermount, drop in, and wall-mount sinks. At PlumbersStock, we carry the sink mounting brackets, clamps, and clips for a proper installation.

For the most part, sinks don’t need to be mounted to the wall; but, there are certain design outlets that call for precisely that. In those outlets, you will need special mount clamps to ensure your sink has the structural integrity and balance it needs to stay stationary; fortunately, we have exactly what you need.

Undermount are convenient for cleaning, but don’t offer the same support as a drop in sink, which is why you need the proper undermount sink hardware for a secure configuration.

Stainless steel drop in sinks require clamps for proper installation because they aren't as heavy as cast iron, which under the force of gravity, creates a tight seal with the caulk.

Why Wall Mounting?

In most cases, it’s simply easier to avoid clamping products to a wall; after all, looking for studs and buying the extra equipment might seem just too much hassle for a project. But, if you are able to look beyond all that, wall mounting can make for a gorgeous design aspect of any kitchen. Whether you are looking for zero gravity cabinets, a way to efficiently and stylishly attach shower rods, or a urinal to add usability to your bathroom, wall sink mounting hardware can help and make your bathroom shine! Wall mount sinks are excellent in commercial applications, especially if you are limited for space.

Save on Sink Hardware Online

Though wall mounting might not seem like a must-have product/ideal, it really brings a lot to any bathroom design. So why not give it a try? Call today for more information about our sink mounting hardware and related products!

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