About HVAC Vent Pipe

For some appliances, you need HVAC pipe to pass the exhaust to the exterior of the home. For other applications, you need tubing. Depending on the heating and cooling system you are dealing with, you will have different needs.

Browse through our various discount brands, like DuraVent and find the perfect match for your needs. It is important to note the building codes for your area. Also, your appliance manuals will contain a lot of information on what types of vent pipe should be used. This is key with water heaters. Different types of water heaters (tankless, standard, power vent and direct vent) use different types of vent pipes.

Types of HVAC Pipe

The following are some of the types of vent pipes that you will find here at PlumbersStock.com

  • B-Vent - refers to a type of HVAC vent pipe. This vent pipe has an inner and outer tube - you can think of it as two tubes within one. B-vent fittings and pipes can be used with direct vent heaters, boilers and gas furnaces. B-vent pipes and fittings of all sizes are available on PlumbersStock.com.
  • Double Wall Pipe - This pipe is similar to the B-Vent pipe in that it is essentially two pipes in one. These HVAC pipes are most commonly used with gas ranges (stoves) and standard water heaters. These two applications, for example, should never have single wall pipe used for their venting. Air combustion levels can be quite high with these appliances.
  • Triple Wall Pipe - This pipe is most commonly used with wood burning and pellet stoves. These stoves can get extremely hot since they are burning wood materials. The triple wall construction allows for the flue gasses to retain their heat allowing them to escape from the building or house quickly.
  • Tubing (Poly Tube) - Poly tube is a form of plastic piping/tubing that is most commonly used with water transportation. In most cases, it is used with swamp coolers. This tubing is for outdoor use only and is not recommended for refrigeration lines.

Buy HVAC Piping Online

Here at PlumbersStock, we are dedicated to helping both the Contractor and Do-it-yourselfer find exactly what they need to complete the job. Our wholesale prices cannot be beaten anywhere on the web. If you have any questions about HVAC piping, contact our professional staff. They will be happy to help.

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