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We all want a beautiful, well-groomed lawn and garden to heighten the curb appeal of our home or business. You may have your sprinklers configured and drip irrigation system all cherried out, but without the right landscape supplies or knowledge, this can prove to be quite difficult. PlumbersStock is dedicated to helping you find the best tools and supplies at prices you will love. Our extensive inventory of landscape supplies include:

We will offer more details on a few of them of them here. If you have any trouble finding what you need please contact our knowledgeable staff with questions about your purchase or project.

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Weed Fabric

Landscape fabric helps to accommodate the growth of your plants while discouraging the growth of weeds. While it blocks weeds it allows the water, air, and nutrients to pass through the fabric and reach to the roots of the plants making it an essential landscape supply. The fabric can also aid in keeping moisture in the ground which will cut down on your watering needs. To install the fabric, be sure to clear the area first and remove any debris or weeds. Once the area is covered with the fabric, it can be secured with fabric or sod staples.

Remember to overlap the fabric at least one foot and allow for about an inch around the edges. You will want to stabilize the fabric around each edge, along any overlapping fabric pieces, and place a few in the middle. It is advised to cut out a hole in the fabric for your plants rather than just cutting an X or making a flap. That will prevent any plant growth obstruction from the fabric. Once the fabric is in place, cover it with a generous layer of mulch. You now have a beautiful looking area that will be defended against unwanted weeds.

Landscape Tools

There is a wide variety of tools and landscaping supplies from the most basic, such as shovels, to the more complex tools. If you are a do-it-yourselfer you do not need professional landscaping tools like an automatic trencher. For a typical homeowner there is no point in buying one. You either rent or you buy a trenching shovel and do the work manually. In order to find the right tool for your needs, you first need to specify which job you are looking to perform. Some tools have many functions and are a great staple for any tool supply. Ask a professional for advice on which landscaping tool to use for which project.

Corona tools will last you for years and you will love the pricing.

Lawn Fertilizer

We do our best to make sure our lawns and plants grow as well as they can, but sometimes they need an extra boost. This is where fertilizer comes into play. If you have trouble with keeping your lawn thick and green this is the landscape supply for you. Fertilizer comes with three basic components - nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. If you have noticed the three numbers on the labels, this is a representation of how much of each component is in the fertilizer. Fertilizers come in two basic types; water-soluble and water-insoluble. The water-soluble version will dissolve the nutrients quickly, giving a fast boost to your lawn. This type will require reapplication often. The water-insoluble version will apply the nutrients over time. This allows for stable application of the nutrients and tends to be gentler on the soil.

We carry Fertile Earth fertilizer because it is one of the most trusted names in the business.

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Whether you need Orbit garden hose parts or Rain Bird drain grates, we got it all. Again if you have any trouble navigating our site, or finding the best landscape supplies for your yard contact our professional staff with any questions you may have.

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