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About Drivers

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You can get drivers with fixed ends, or you can purchase them with interchangeable bits and attachments. Hand drivers are inferior to power tools in many ways, but they are ideal for hard to reach spots and are convenient because of their size (fitting easily in a tool belt).

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Hand Driver Types and Parts


There are two main types of screwdrivers: flat head and Phillips head. Screwdrivers are designed to have a comfortable fit when in use. An axle shaft embedded in the handle creates a secure tool that can withstand pressure. The axle shaft then comes down to form the bit. The force is then created by the turning of the handle while applying pressure. Screwdrivers come in all shapes and sizes. There are various types of screwdrivers, including:

  • Mini screwdriver sets
  • Screw-holding drivers
  • Square tip
  • Two-handed speed drivers
  • And more

Hand tool drivers come in a wide variety of sizes to match the application for which they are needed. Often hand drivers come with interchangeable tips that can be magnetically connected to the end of the driver. If you have a driver with interchangeable bits, it is a good idea to get a magnetic screwdriver so that they stay attached when performing a task.

Nut Drivers

This hand tool is used to screw nuts onto bolts for a secure fit. Like the screwdriver, a nut driver is maneuverable and very useful in hard to reach places. Browse through and check out sets, or individual drivers with interchangeable parts. For the ultimate convenience, we recommend a nut-holding driver.

Hand Driver Bits

A bit in this context is referring to the tip of the screwdriver. As mentioned, they can be interchangeable or fixed.

  • Flat head: The most common driver bit. It is matched with a flat slit on the head of the screw. A correctly placed bit will fit snugly in the opening of the screwdriver shaft.
  • Phillips head: The star-shaped bit of the Phillips head is preferable to a flat head screwdriver for tougher jobs.

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