Battery-Operated Valves

About Battery-Operated Sprinkler Valves

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Benefits of Battery-Operated Sprinkler Valves

This type of shutoff valve can be beneficial if you have a garden located far from any power source. It allows your irrigation system to function automatically so that you do not have to manually water or initiate the sprinkler system. Extending a power source any significant distance can be very costly. If you must have an automatic valve, your best solution is to go with a battery-operated sprinkler timer. They are a little more costly than standard electric valves, but you save by not having to transform your home’s power structure.

We must warn you that battery-powered valves are not the most reliable solution. They fail much more frequently than standard electric valves because of the nature of the technology. A reliable power source will provide dependable results. We encourage homeowners to install manual shutoff valves when a power source is nowhere to be found for the most reliable solution. Suppose you cannot take the time to operate your system manually. In that case, a battery system is your best option, but be sure to check on it frequently to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Sprinkler Valve Manufacturers

To help ensure improved reliability with your battery-operated irrigation controller, PlumbersStock contracts with reputable manufacturers that produce quality parts. Included in our inventory are the best Dig battery valves and a sprinkler valve by Orbit that is much more affordable. If you want all the bells and whistles, the Irritrol valve can't be beaten. 

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