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About Pump Parts

We carry only the best sewage, sump, and water pump parts so that you can get your pump working just like new. In order to help you properly maintain your pump, we offer six different categories of discount pump parts:

Make sure you get the right parts for your pump, because there is a lot of specialization in terms of the types of applications they serve (plumbing, irrigation, heating and cooling). At PlumbersStock we carry everything, from hydraulic to submersible pump parts, all at wholesale prices.

Types of Pump Parts

Just to name a few, included among the list of important pump parts are impellers, O-rings, gaskets, flanges, and relay switches. Each one of these parts works with the rest of the moving parts to make the pump work. Below is each of the parts designated task:

  • Shafts
  • Impellers: Though there are a series of different kinds of pumps that all use the pump slightly differently, the job of the impeller is to spin to move the substance through the pump. It works by grabbing the air or liquid to create pressure to pull it through the pump.
  • O-Rings and Gaskets: These are important when it comes to the installation of flanges and pipe into the pump. The O-ring and gaskets create a tight seal so that no gas or liquid escapes out of the pipe or into the motor of the pump.
  • Wear Rings
  • Flanges: this water pump part is what is used to connect the piping system into the pump. Pump flanges are available in different size depending on the output and input of the pump and the size of the pipe system and you will need to choose flange size that coordinates with your pump. Flanges are usually screwed or bolted to the pump along with the use of O-rings and gaskets to protect against leaks.
  • Relay Switches: These use a series of electricity to control how often the pump works, how hard the pump works, and how much substance is pushed through the pump. The relay is a very important pump part. Relay switches are also sold separately from the pump and added to the pump to allow more control to how the pump works.

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Purchasing any type of pump for any job can be a big purchase and when it comes to making sure that you can make it work for your application is essential. PlumbersStock offers pump parts available to you so you can be sure that you can get your pump and everything else you need to make it work in one purchase.

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