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About Bedpan Washers

As technology improves, we are constantly advancing methods for keeping things sanitary and clean, especially when it comes to medical equipment. One sanitary item that is used in medical facilities is the bedpan. For patients who cannot make trips to the bathroom, bedpans become essential for their hygiene. Bedpan washers offer a reliable and hygienic method for disposal and cleaning.

PlumbersStock offers dozens of discount bedpan washers (Sloan, Delta, American Standard) and a variety of other commercial plumbing products.

What Is a Bedpan Washer?

Here at, we carry discount bedpan washers, which are sanitary solutions for medical facilities, manufactured specifically to clean bedpans. There are a few variations in the way bedpan cleansers are configured, which include:

  • One popular configuration is hooking the bedpan washer to the flush valve of a toilet. The washer is a retractable arm that can be lowered and raised. It is about 14 inches in length. It is built into the flush valve of the toilet and sits about 10 inches from the top of the bowl. When using the bedpan washer, you will need to lower the washer from the upright position. This will then cause the diverter valve to switch the water flow from the bowl to the washer. It will then give you a flow of water that can be used to clean and dispose of the bedpan waste.

  • A similar configuration includes a sanitizing bottle hookup. It connects below the Bedpan washer arm and it mixes in the desired amount of sanitizer through the diverted water flow for convenient sterilization. This set up is very useful if you have a toilet available on hand to install a Flush-o-meter valve with the Bedpan washer attachment. In some cases, you may not have that available so you will have to go with a different model. The maintenance for this set up is minimal. Use non-abrasive cloth and avoid chemicals as it will dull the finish. Use soap and water to clean and then wipe down with a cloth or towel.

  • Another variation available for the bedpan washer is the wall mount concealed washer. This one is hooked directly into the plumbing in the wall. It can either come with one or two handles depending on preference. There is a flexible hose with a spray head that is connected to the water supply which is used to clean out the bedpans. The nice thing about this set up is it requires little maintenance, which means all you will need to do to clean them is just remove the spray head and clear any clogged holes.

Bedpan Washer Manufacturers

As usual, PlumbersStock only carries products made by reputable manufacturers. These brands are built to last. Sloan specializes in the built in Flushometer bedpan washers while speak man is more on the separate in wall system. Both of them are highly recommended and can be found here for a great deal.

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