About Drip Irrigation Bubblers

If you are looking to save some money on your garden while cutting down on water waste, building a drip irrigation system is certainly a good way to do so. Offering efficient watering, as well as a higher degree of plant health and yield, drip irrigation is fast becoming the standard for plant watering. A good irrigation system requires efficient components and irrigation bubblers are a major part of this.

With a variety of drip bubblers to fit your needs and some of the lowest prices around, you are sure to find what you need for your lawn and garden; read on for more information about PlumbersStock's selection of irrigation bubblers or browse through drip pressure regulators, stakes/risers, drip tubing, and other components.

What Are Bubblers?

Bubbler sprinkler heads provide the user with control of the watering habits, allowing for the watering of a variety of different plants. They also give you the chance to change watering habits based on the season, helping make drip irrigation the most efficient irrigation system on the market. Though the actual watering system is important and you need piping to connect the whole thing together, drip irrigation bubblers are the products that make drip irrigation possible by evenly and efficiently dispersing water to plants.

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Choosing Your Bubbler Irrigation System

There are quite a few different types of irrigation bubblers, and a variety of different uses for them; so, you may need a bit of help choosing the one that’s right for you. Luckily, we’re here for you. Here are a few pointers on choosing the right bubbler sprinkler for your lawn or landscape:

  • Micro Bubblers: micro-irrigation bubblers are low flow products that allow for flooding (over 4 gallons per second flow rate), but still provide water efficiency and the adjustability that you need. These are perfect for small areas, such as garden patches.
  • Flood Bubblers: these are (normally) adjustable, and do precisely what their name implies; flood the soil. They flow at a higher rate than micro bubblers and, thus, are perfect for larger areas. They also provide the water that very thirsty plants need.
  • Stream Bubblers: If you stream irrigation bubblers shoot water 2 to 5 feet away from the bubbler which, while not effective at watering large areas, can irrigate small groups of plants (again making them perfect for small gardens or land plots)

Discount Garden Bubbler Irrigation Online

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