Rain Bird ESP9V vs. Toro Tempus | Tempus vs. ESP9V Comparison Chart

Rain Bird ESP9V vs. Toro Tempus

rain bird esp9v vs. toro tempus install comparison

The Rain Bird ES9V has been dominating the market as one of the best battery-operated sprinkler valve controls, but the new Toro Tempus series now matches the Rain bird in functionality and surpasses it in convenience. It's good to be aware of all the bells and whistles so you know which option is best for you. Check out the key differences between the Rain Bird ESP9V vs. the Toro Tempus.

What are the differences between the ESP9V and Tempus?

The Rain Bird has an easy-to-use interface system for setting schedules and water-saving systems. The ESP9V offers twice as many daily start times (six). The ESP9V only comes with an LCD display option that must be operated manually, in person. The single station models have an option for a 9V solenoid or a 1" DV valve.

You can get the Toro Tempus with an LCD display or save some money and scrap the display and go without. The new Tempus mobile app controls either option by connecting it to your smartphone. Of course, the LCD version is the only one that can be operated manually.

rain bird esp9v vs. toro tempus install comparison infographic

What kind of power source do they use?

They both run the best on nine-volt batteries. However, the Toro Tempus can also conveniently run off four 1.5V AAA batteries.

Does PlumbersStock have them all?

As long as there are no supply chain disruptions, we will carry all of them as long as they are making them. During the pandemic, we have had disruptions to our sourcing on the ESP9V, so if you are having trouble finding them, the Tempus may be your only option.

Tempus Models:

ESP9V Models:

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