Bad Furnace Blower Motor Symptoms | Where Is the Blower Motor on a Furnace?

Bad Furnace Blower Motor Symptoms

When your furnace isn’t heating the home properly, a faulty blower motor is often the culprit. The blower is essential to the effective operation of your HVAC system. It is the driving force that distributes the warm air through your ducts and vents. Here you can learn what the bad furnace blower motor symptoms are so that you can properly diagnose the issue.

How to Know If a Furnace Blower Motor Is Bad

A few tell-tale signs will indicate whether or not you need to replace a blower motor. None of them are all that pleasant, so fixing the issue will provide some relief beyond just improving your home’s ability to warm up.

  • If you detect a burning smell coming from the vents, you’ve got a blower motor issue. It probably means your furnace will be shutting itself down if it isn’t already doing that.
  • If the furnace is shutting itself down, and you have to reset it to start it up again, this is another great indicator that you have a bad furnace blower motor.
  • Lastly, a common sign that you need to replace the blower is a loud humming sound coming from your furnace.

If any of this fits the description of what you’re experiencing, then you know what to do. Based on your level of handiness, you can tackle the project yourself or contact an HVAC professional.

Where Is the Blower Motor on a Furnace?

This is a common question, and you can see from the illustration that it lies within the furnace housing attached to the blower.

hvac tech demonstrating where the blower motor is

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