Apron Sink vs. Farmhouse Sink | Difference Between Apron vs. Farmhouse Sink

Apron Sink vs. Farmhouse Sink

Apron and Farmhouse sinks are very similar, and most people think they are the same thing. They are different. The significant distinctions are the installation method, materials used, and the aesthetic of the sinks. This article aims to clarify the differences and make it easier to decide which sink best fits your kitchen.

apron sink vs. farmhouse sink infographic

What Is a Farmhouse Sink?

Farmhouse sinks are deep and typically exhibit a trough-style single basin. They fit great with a rustic aesthetic, perfect for a cabin or a farmhouse kitchen design, hence the name. They’re designed to be a workstation to fit your cleaning needs (dishes, clothes, and more).

They are made primarily from materials that resist stains from dirt and foods, such as fireclay, porcelain, and cast iron (though you will see some call stainless steel "farmhouse"). These sinks can be installed in various ways and reasonably easily. They’ll fit in a standard-size countertop sink opening, and installation can range from undermount to top mount/drop-in. They are easy to install and do not require a hired professional. These farmhouse sinks always bring a classic, timeless cozy feeling to a kitchen.

What is an Apron Front Sink?

apron front sink is a farmhouse with an exposed front

An apron sink is simply a farmhouse sink with an exposed front. Most people think all farmhouse sinks have an exposed front, but technically that's not true.

The installation is a challenge. It's a massive rectangle, and the exposed front calls for a custom-made cutaway front for a countertop to fit these sinks. Then the base cabinet needs to be resized to accommodate the configuration.

Those disadvantages may mean you need to hire a professional for installation. The apron sink has advantages, such as an ergonomic design, especially for shorter people. And it reduces water damage to the cabinets below the sink, courtesy of the apron front.

Difference Between Apron vs. Farmhouse Sinks

Once again, an apron sink is just a farmhouse with an exposed front. With that in mind, consider what that means to your kitchen and wallet.

  • Apron sinks are generally more expensive, harder to install, reduce potential water damage to your cabinets, and are preferred by shorter people.
  • Farmhouse sinks are generally more affordable, easier to install, and preferred by taller users.

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