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About Space Heaters

Save on space heaters right here at PlumbersStock. When you need heating solutions for a relatively small space, shop heaters (another common name for them) are a great option for garages, greenhouses, and workshops that need heat during the cold winter.

We offer ADP unit heaters and Broan with a variety of options for output to match the size of the space you need heated. In order to find an adequate heater, you need to consider your heat load calculation, which will tell you how many BTUs you need. A professional HVAC tech is the best way to go, but there are ways to conduct rough estimations of your heat load.

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If you have any trouble locating the best unit heater for your shop, then please contact a representative at PlumbersStock, and we can help point you in the right direction. Because we do our own warehousing, you can save on shipping and handling big items like these natural gas unit heaters. Prices range with great variance so you will want to strategize and plan to get the unit most appropriate for matching your needs. Strike a balance between getting the maximum output you need without spending too much on unneeded heating potential.

How to Calculate Heat Load

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