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About Pop-Up Drain Parts

When you think of pop-up drain assemblies for your bathroom, you probably consider them to be a sink part, but don't forget that you control the plugging and unplugging of your drain through the lavatory faucet. PlumbersStock carries a variety of pop-up drain parts to get your faucet and sink working like new.

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If you’ve ever had to fill a tub or bathroom sink with water, you’re probably familiar with how a pop-up drain works. Simply put, when the lavatory lift rod (on a bathroom sink) or bath overflow plate lever (on a tub) is lifted, the drain descends and closes so that the tub or sink can retain water.

From a casual viewpoint, this mechanism seems to be a part of your sink or tub, but in reality is integrated and controlled by your lavatory faucet. If something happens to your faucet’s lift rod, your pop-up drain won’t be able to be used unless you manually push it down. While this in itself isn’t much of a problem, the real problem arises when you’re trying to lift the pop-up drain to clear out the water. As a part designed to create a temporary watertight seal, you’ll have a hard time trying to pry up the pop-up drain without patience and help from a flathead screwdriver.

If you notice your lavatory faucet is giving you a problem with your pop-up drain, PlumbersStock offers a huge selection of different pop-up drain parts from manufacturers like Moen, Delta, Brizo, Peerless, and more. Whether your pop-up drain is no longer creating a watertight seal or your lift rod isn’t working, we offer the part you need at a price you can afford.

Replacing a Pop-Up Sink Drain

If you’re looking to replace the drain in your bathroom sink, you may have the misconception that you’ll need a professional to replace the part. However, replacing your sink’s pop-up drain is a rather easy task that can save you money by doing it yourself and requires few tools and 5-10 minutes of your time. Whether your pop-up drain won’t raise or water leaks through even when it’s closed, here’s a brief guide on how to replace your drain.

  1. Remove the Old Pop-Up Drain – A broken pop-up drain will easily pull out of the sink. Use the tip of a knife of a flathead screwdriver to carefully pry the edge of the stopper up until you can grasp it with your fingers. Pull it out of the drain. If it catches, replace it and move your attention to the P-trap beneath the sink. Remove the P-trap and the rod from the back of the drain, then take out the pop-up assembly by twisting off the drain flange from inside the sink. Now your assembly should slide out.
  2. Install the New Part – Your new pop-up drain should come with a few different parts including a new drain flange. Install this new drain flange and place plumber’s putty around the bottom of it to create a seal. Reverse the de-installation process and you’ve got yourself a new and working pop-up drain.

Purchase Pop-Up Drain Parts Online

If you need to replace your faucet’s pop-up drain or lift rod, here at PlumbersStock we offer one of the biggest selections from trusted manufacturers Brizo, Moen, and Delta, to name a few. You won’t find a better deal elsewhere, so take advantage of our low prices today! Learn why so many others choose us over other wholesale companies to fulfill their plumbing needs.

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