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PlumbersStock offers a wide selection of thread sealants to ensure the best bond for your plumbing and irrigation projects. The best pipe dope can make all the difference, and you can get it at a discounted price. Our customers also love Teflon tape because of how convenient and effective it is to use. We do not recommend pipe dope for plastic or PVC pipe.

What Is Teflon Tape?

At its core, Teflon tape is an easy-to-use, thread-seal tape. Like pipe thread compound, it makes pipes that have threads more secure, making it the perfect product for plumbers. However, unlike thread sealant, it is sold as a tape, making it extremely easy to use and preferred for most plumbers. In addition to providing a waterproof seal, it also performs a lubricating function, defeats friction, and allows the threads to be screwed together to the point of deformation (the act that provides the seal).

How to Use Teflon Tape

As alluded to above, Teflon adhesive tape's primary use is to seal pipe threads. All you need to do is wrap the tape around the threads, screw the seal, and you're done; the seal is complete. But, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when using it; follow these tips to make sure the job gets done right!

  • Use as much tape as you can: The more tape you use, the better the seal will be. With that in mind, don't skimp on the tape! Wrap it 4 to 6 times so you can make absolute sure you get the seal that you need.
  • Do not Use on PVC: Teflon pipe tape is not helpful on PVC whatsoever; in fact, it could make things worse. Make sure only to use Teflon tape on metal pipes.
  • Don't Fray the Tape: Unfortunately, Frayed tape can experience structural integrity issues that may cause the seal to break. Thus, if you accidentally rip or fray the tape, then simply cut it off and try again. It may end up saving you some money when all is said and done.
  • Do not use on straight threads: Remember that Teflon pipe tape is only effective on tapered threads, not straight ones. Use Thread compound if you have straight threads!

What Is Pipe Dope?

Pipe dope is an integral part of a piping system. Used to achieve a waterproof and pressure-tight seal, it is invaluable in a plumber's work. We have all the best brands—from Real-Tuff to Hercules and more—so you can get the job done right. Even better, with some of the lowest prices on the internet, you won't have to worry about breaking the bank! Now that you understand what is pipe dope, there is another crucial question.

Why Do I Need Pipe Dope?

For the most part, pipes are pretty watertight. Because they are built-in solid pieces, there's no wiggle room for the water to escape; however, the moment you begin connecting multiple pieces of pipe, this is no longer the case. Even with anchoring glue, the seams between pipes are inherently not watertight, which can cause leaks, drips, and—worst of all—water damage to the surrounding area. With the best pipe dope, you can ensure that water stays where it's supposed to, filling the minute voids between threads and making the joint pressure AND watertight. On top of this, pipe dope also helps prevent the seizing of mating parts by acting as a lubricant, making it an essential part of piping systems.

Applications and Types

Pipe dope comes in many forms and, thus, has many applications; a few of these include:

  • Pneumatic: Pneumatic pipe dope is used in pneumatic systems, meaning it is specially designed to deal with moving parts. It creates low pressure seals and is very important in HVAC and mechanical industries.
  • Hydraulic: Hydraulic pipe dope is a common type used on pipes that normally transfer water. These are waterproof and are made to deal with constantly flowing water, making them perfect for plumbing and potable water transfer pipes.
  • Caustic: Pipe dope used in caustic scenarios is designed to deal with corrosive substances, such as acids or chemicals. Buy only if you expect the pipes you are using to come into contact with such substances.

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