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About Cutting Tools

When you need quality cutting tools for your project, PlumbersStock is a great choice for online shopping. The cutting tools on this page are specifically hand tools. If you are looking for power saws, we have those too.

There are two main types of cutting tools: (1) cut at a single point, some cutting tools remove material by means of one cutting edge, like a circular saw, a shaping tool, a planning tool, an augur bit, or turning tool. (2) A multipoint tool cuts away material with several points. The most common multipoint examples are grinding tools, boring tools, reaming tools, milling tools, or drilling tools.

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Buying the Best Cutting Tool

There are several factors to look at when purchasing a cutting tool. If you use a tool for the wrong application, you could end up breaking it, damaging the material your cutting, or even injury to yourself and others near you. The following key factors will help to ensure that you cut your materials properly and safely.

  • The cutting tool must be harder than the material it is going to cut.
  • It must be able to withstand the force required to cut the material without breaking or being damaged.
  • The shape of the tool must be designed properly to allow the cutting edge to remove material from the workpiece properly.
  • Cutting tools must also be able to withstand heat that is caused by the friction of running the tool along the material.
  • Another key factor to consider is if the material the tool is made from is wear resistant. How long you have to use the tool before it dulls and becomes unusable. The material of the tool usually determines how much wear and tear it will take.

More on Features

There are several styles and features for cutting tools, include the following:

  • Some tools have inserts or replaceable tips. Some of the most common types of tools that use an insert or replaceable tip are milling cutters, drills, and saw blades.
  • Solid cutting tools are in one piece so they are not designed to use exchangeable inserts.
  • Some tools require a holder to be used as well for safety purposes.

Cutting tools are made out of a wide variety of materials due to the wide variety of applications for which they can be used. Some of the most common materials are steel, iron, and ceramic. Some tools may also be coated or have special tips that provide extra cutting power. Some of those materials are carbide, steel on iron, or even diamond coated steel.

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