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About Hand Trowels

When you need to ensure you are creating a smooth concrete surface, you need a trowel tool. PlumbersStock has quality hand tools, whether you are working with concrete or plaster, we are certain to have the best trowels for your project.

What Is a Trowel Tool?

A trowel is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways, but it's primarily for smoothing out concrete and mortar. Use it to dig through, apply, or move manageable amounts of viscous material. There is such thing as power trowels, but here we carry the hand tool variety.

Types of Hand Trowels

  • Brick trowels
  • Curved trowels
  • Finish trowels
  • Margin trowels
  • Midget trowels
  • Pointed trowels
  • etc.

Buy Discount Concrete Trowel Tools Online

If you are having any trouble locating the right trowel for your project, please contact our team for help. Not all tools are created equal, so make sure you get the type and brand that fits your needs. Our brands include:

  • Marshalltown
  • Mintcraft
  • Nu-Pride
  • Toolbasix
  • And more!

Choose PlumbersStock for all your specialty hand tool needs.

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