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About Hand Tool Sets

We have all the best hand tool sets at discount prices here at PlumbersStock. When you need the right hand tools, one-size-fits-all is not always an option. You may need a variety of sizes of a specific tool to complete a project, which is why we offer the best pricing on your favorite hand tool sets.

Save on the best hand tool sets by Greenlee, Reed, Malco, and more. We have lots of types of sets to choose from:

Hand Tool Set Basics

Used by professionals in a variety of industries, hand tool sets are the ideal way to get a blend of different hand tool pieces and accessories you need all at once. There are various different kinds of hand tool sets, but here at PlumbersStock we offer wrench sets, driver sets, electrician tools, and more to add to your collection. Be prepared for any project with a few sets of tools by your side.

Types of Hand Tool Sets

  • Wrench Sets – Wrenches are among the most useful of tools you can keep in your toolbox. Wrenches are used for jobs that involve gripping, fastening, turning, tightening, and loosening things such as pipes, fittings, nuts, and bolts. Wrenches are appropriate for many different projects because they come in many different sizes (some are even adjustable) and varieties. Within the family of wrenches you’ll find T-Handles, Ratchets, and Pipe Wrenches, to name a few. You’ll also find additional drive sockets and accessories to equip to your wrench to add extra function and versatility.
  • Screwdriver Sets – Screwdrivers are tools used to fit into screws or around nuts to turn and tighten or loosen them. There are many different kinds of screwdrivers, including square, flattened (more commonly referred to as Phillips), cross-shaped, and star-shaped ones used to fit into related screws or nuts. Every handyman should have a set of good screwdrivers in his toolbox which is why we offer the biggest names at the lowest prices right here at PlumbersStock.
  • Electrician Tool Sets – Electrician tool sets are the most unique of them all since they offer specialty hand tools such as crimpers, wire testers, wire cutters, and stud finders. Having these tools handy when working on electrical projects will allow the user proper safety while getting the job done right. For any handyman attempting his own repairs, having a set of electricians tools is a wise investment that can save you money in the future.


One of the advantages hand tools have over power tools is there is virtually little to no maintenance required in order for them to perform at max capacity. Unlike power tools which need recharging or nearby power outlets, hand tools require few very simple handling instructions.

For wrenches, maintenance only requires basic cleaning. Properly cleaned wrenches are necessary to ensure clean fits and prevent unexpected slips and possible injuries.

For screwdrivers, there is no maintenance needed beyond ensuring the tips keep their shape. Old and heavily used screwdrivers may become misshapen through time, and misshapen tips may strip screws and prevent you from doing your job. To prolong the life of your screwdriver, try and buy some that are made of hardened steel or come with hardened tips.

Buy Hand Tool Sets Online

Here at PlumbersStock we offer a wide variety of tool sets from trusted names. Shop with the tool experts and see why so many others choose us over other wholesale retailers. To narrow your results, use the filters on the left. Search by options including type of use, manufacturer, and tool type. If you need additional help, contact our friendly customer service team and let us help you find the tools you need.

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