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Get yourself set up with all the best electrical tools here at PlumbersStock. You need special tools to get the job done, and we have them at discount prices. We carry some of the best tool brands in the business, including Greenlee, Fieldpiece, and Rothenberger.

Electrical work is its own animal and there are hand tools made for that purpose. Electricians are effective because they have the best tools and the know-how. We can help you with the first part by getting you the highest quality electrical tools. If you need an entire electrician tool set, we have those too.

Types of Electrical Tools

The first thing we must do to help you choose what electrical tool you need determines what job you intend it for. Are you doing an HVAC job? Fixing irrigation issues? Working on plumbing or piping? These are all important questions to answer. But, since you can’t give us that answer, here are a few of our highest quality and most popular items, and what jobs you would use them for:

  • Digital Manifolds: The HVAC technician’s best friend, digital manifolds have the ability to perform a linear adjustment of the pressure sensors in an HVAC system based on factors such as refrigerant type, pressure, and temperature. Used correctly, these electrical tools can give you all the readings and statistics for your system that you need to do the job right.
  • Multi-Meters: When working on wiring or performing other electrical work, multi-meters are extremely important. These electrical hand tools combine several measurement functions in one unit, giving you readouts concerning electric current, voltage, and resistance. They are perfect for fault finding and field service work and should be used with industrial and household devices.
  • Crimping Tools: Crimping tools connect (or crimp) connectors to the end of a cable, aiding in the creation of a network, phone, or coaxial cables that are commonly used throughout the home. Oftentimes, these types of electrician’s tools are manual; however, here at PlumbersStock.com, we offer a wide variety of battery powered crimp tools to make your job much easier.
  • Refrigerant Scale: Used to install and maintain air conditioning systems, these electrical hand tools measure the weight of refrigerant that you are adding or removing from the AC’s compressor. Most scales require wires or extremely complicated measures to display these statistics; however, the ones offered here on our site allow easy management of the entire process. By eliminating the wires and utilizing a simple scale setup, our refrigerant scales are certainly the best in the business. Call for more information concerning our refrigerant scales.

So which electrical tools do you need? How do you use them for your job? And what brand should you go for? Well, that really is up to you. As with any new job, research is needed to make it go well; so, if your question hasn’t been answered by this guide, just look around a bit more! We are sure you’ll find what you need.

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We offer you all the quality products that you could ever need for your HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or irrigation jobs; however, we also offer you the information and the help you need to make those jobs go right. If you are having trouble finding the correct electrical hand tool for your project, or if you just don’t understand the use of the products we provide, make sure to give us a call. We have customer service representatives standing by to give you all the guidance you need to make everything work out splendidly.

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