Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips | Tips for AC Unit Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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Anyone who owns an ac unit in their home should do their part to maintain it and keep it running in tip-top condition. Maintenance of an air conditioner is easy and should be done at least once a year. This not only will help the unit to last much longer, but it will also help it to perform at its very best. Here we have aggregated a number of air conditioner maintenance tips for your benefit.

5 Steps to Condenser Maintenance

In most homes, the condenser unit for the air-conditioning system is located outside of the house. Because it's outside it's susceptible to dirt and debris from trees, lawn clippings, and even pollen. If you don't clean your condenser every year your air conditioner will have a hard time functioning properly. This is why it's so important to clean and care for this important piece of equipment. Here are some easy steps to help you clean your condenser unit in your home today.

  • Step 1: Cut down any grass, trees, weeds, or vines that have grown up or around your condenser unit. These particular things can hinder airflow and make it hard for your machine to function properly.
  • Step 2: Use a commercial coil cleaner to clean the unit. Flush the coil clean without using a hose. Let your condenser air dry to give it the proper cleaning that it needs.
  • Step 3: his step is a very important one, but needs to be done as carefully as possible. For step 3 you are going to clean the fins on your condenser unit. These fins are very fragile and can be damaged very easily. It's very important to clean these fins with care. Use a soft brush that will delicately clean off any excess dirt or debris that has built up there. If you can't reach your fins with your aluminum grill on the top you may need to take it off to reach them better. Do not use your hose to clean your fins. This can cause your dirt that is built upon your fins to turn into mud and will make it much harder to clean your unit.
  • Step 4: Step 4 is very simple. Check your concrete pad to make sure it is evenly resting on the cement pad. You can use a leveler to test how evenly set the unit is. If your unit is uneven you can fill gravel and rocks underneath the cement to level your unit back up.
  • Step 5: Cover your unit when you are not using it. During the cold winter months, it's so important to cover your condenser unit. This will keep ice and debris from going in and damaging your machine. You can purchase a heavy-duty covering to go over your machine that will keep it protected from the cold weather elements.

Ensure the Refrigerant is Working Properly

If your air conditioner is having a hard time blowing cold air it could be a Freon problem. Most air conditioning units use a coolant which is called Freon to chill their unit. If your unit is low on Freon it will have a hard time blowing cool air. If this happens it's important to call a service expert to come out and assist you with the problem.

AC unit with tools on top

If your air conditioner is not blowing cool air at full capacity another problem could be the ac lines. These lines are what connect the condenser unit on the outside to the inside of your house. Look behind your condenser unit to make sure your coolant lines are properly insulated. If the insulation is destroyed it will need to be replaced to get your air conditioner running properly again.

If you find that you are having problems with the refrigerant in your air conditioning system be sure to check out these few simple things before calling an expert. Sometimes all it takes is a simple fix to get your unit running properly again.

Remember these Tips for AC Unit Maintenance

Many individuals who own an air conditioner will go years without properly caring for it. These individuals find that they have more problems with their unit, and it doesn't last as long. If you want to get the most out of your air conditioning unit while helping it to last long, you really need to do your part to maintain it each year. By properly cleaning the condenser unit, and checking to make sure the refrigerant is working in top condition, you are doing your part. These simple air conditioner maintenance tips will not only add years of life to your machine, but it will also ensure that your unit is running at it's very best. Don't wait for your air conditioner to stop working to discover you should have been properly caring for it each year.

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