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About HVAC Capacitors

An HVAC capacitor is a device in an air conditioner that stores an electric charge, somewhat similar to a battery. Its ability to block direct current while it allows alternating current to pass is essential to the operation of your central air system. So if you need an air conditioner capacitor replacement, you are in luck because PlumbersStock carries great pricing on AC parts.

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What Is an Air Conditioning Capacitor?

Controlling the temperature, humidity, and air dispersion in an enclosed environment is the main job of your home’s AC system. If your system works correctly, you’ll experience comfort as you receive a constant and cool indoor environment. However, if your AC system isn’t working, it may be because of the capacitor.

Your AC requires a capacitor to run properly. The capacitor can be thought of as a sort of battery and resembles a tin can. Like all batteries, when they stop working, the system will as well. Because of this, your capacitor is one of the most common causes for your AC to quit working, but thankfully, it’s also one of those parts that are easy to replace yourself.

Your capacitor blocks direct current while allowing alternating current to pass through. Because the capacitor works with electrical charges, it can easily get overheated during operation, especially on a hot summer day. This spike in heat temperature is often the culprit behind blown fuses and capacitors.

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Troubleshooting: Does your Capacitor Need Replacement?

Just because a bad capacitor is a likely cause for your AC to stop working doesn’t mean it’s the only cause. To determine whether or not the problem stems from a faulty or broken capacitor, check out the following simple troubleshooting guide:

  • Is your AC humming?
  • Can you see the fan spinning?

If your AC is humming, but your fan is not working, your capacitor is likely at fault. Using a voltmeter is a surefire way to check if your capacitor has blown. However, not everyone has access to a voltmeter, so for those who don’t, here’s a quick and easy way to check the status of your capacitor.

Since your capacitor stores power and starts the motor that turns the fan, you may be able to give your fan an initial kick-start, just enough to get the capacitor going again if it’s not blown. You’ll need to find a long, insulated, thin stick, such as a piece of wood, to do this. Slide the stick through the fan grate and gently push the fan blade. Did it spin? Did it take off on its own and keep going? If so, you likely have a bad start capacitor that must be replaced.

The Logic: Your capacitor is there to boost the fan motor to start. When your AC is turned on, your capacitor releases stored energy to kick-start the fan into action. If your capacitor is faulty, it won’t always be able to get the electrical charge out to the motor. In this sense, you and your wooden stick became the temporary capacitor.

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