Are Vent Free Gas Fireplaces Safe?

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Vent-free gas fireplaces are somewhat of a controversial topic. Like almost everything, there are pros and cons to having one of these unique fireplaces in your home. What it comes down to are these two questions, (1) are they safe? and (2) what advantages do they offer? Here are some facts about vent-free gas fireplaces.

The quick and simple answer to the question, are ventless fireplaces safe is yes, with the proper precautions. Everything in life comes with at least some trace of risk, so when we say it is safe, we mean relatively speaking. Before you accept this conclusion you should be aware of what exactly the risks and concerns are, so please read on and discover the pros and cons.

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How Does a Vent Free Gas Fireplace Work?

Ventless fireplaces are an amazing source of heat for a room. They do not require a flue, vent, or chimney, and can pretty much be installed anywhere. These particular types of fireplaces run off natural gas or propane. The gas is then burned with air from the room to keep the fire continuously going.


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Vent Free Fireplaces are Inexpensive

Because a vent-free fireplace doesn't require a vent or chimney they are rather inexpensive to install in a home. Many people even use this type of fireplace as the main heat source in their room. It's a great way to heat a room that gets a little chilly and keeps the furnace from running all the time.

They Create Humidity

Because a vent-free fireplace doesn't have a flue, the water vapor that is produced as a result of combustion enters into the air of the home. This causes humidity. This can be either a good or a bad thing for the home. Humidity is great in the cold winter months for your skin. It keeps your nose from getting bloody, and your skin from drying out. However, humidity can also cause mold to grow on walls and condensation on the windows. Just monitor it and you should be fine.

Ventless Fireplaces Offer Style

A vent-free fireplace can easily be installed in any room in your house because they don't require flues and chimneys. All you need is a gas supply line feeding it with fuel (natural gas or propane). There are so many different styles and types of vent-free fireplaces to choose from for your home. They can be just the thing you need to give your room the look it's been missing. When you are choosing out a vent-free fireplace for your home be sure to pay close attention to the BTU's. This is how a fireplace is rated, and how much energy it consumes. If you are buying a fireplace for a small room in your house you should find a unit with fewer BTU's. It's important to follow those guidelines when you are picking out your fireplace.

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Using a Vent Free Fireplace Safely

Because a vent-free fireplace doesn't have a chimney or any type of ventilation system it is important to read up on it and know what you need to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Some states in the US have banned these types of fireplaces because of health concerns. If people don't install them correctly, or use them correctly, they could cause a buildup of carbon monoxide in a room. By doing your homework, and really studying up on these types of fireplaces, you can enjoy the benefits of a vent-free fireplace without the safety concerns. We strongly suggest you have a well-maintained carbon monoxide detector in the room with your ventless gas fireplace.

Is a Vent Free Gas Fireplace for You?

If you decide that a ventless fireplace is just what you need for your home, be sure that you are informed. Really get to know all you can about this unique style of fireplace. Are vent-free gas fireplaces safe? When used correctly, it can be a great asset to your home. Save on all of our fireplace parts and accessories.

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