How to Remove Odor from Air Ducts

How to Remove Odor from Air Ducts

No one wants to have an unpleasant smell in their homes. It can distract your mind from whatever you need to be concentrating on. It can also cause headaches and general discomfort. All that's not to even mention how embarrassing it is if you have guests. Most often, bad smells in the home come from the cans. However, in some cases, the smell may arise from an overlooked place: the air ducts. Tobacco smoke, dust, dirt, mold, pet dander, and fumes are some of the leading causes of odors in your HVAC system.

Dealing with bad smells coming from the vents can be challenging but should not be ignored. Here are some tips on how to remove odors from air ducts

Vacuum the Vent Cover and Duct

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To get rid of smells, you should not only focus on the duct but also on the vent cover. Unscrew the vent from your wall and vacuum between the slats and on the ducts. You should get all the dusty cobwebs, dust, and dirt stuck there. Vacuuming the duct well will make cleaning easier.

Clean the Vent Cover and Duct

After vacuuming, you can now clean the vent cover and duct using warm water with soap. You might find it easiest to use Clorox or Lysol disposable wipes. However, a brush and other scrubbing tools can help you take off more persistent residue. We also recommend you put baking soda in a bowl and place it in the duct before putting the cover back.

Change the Air Filters

If the problem persists, there might be smell-inducing particles stuck on the air filter in your home. If you haven't changed the filter for a long time, that might cause the smell. Switch out the filter in your furnace with a fresh one and see if it makes a difference. 

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