How to Know If Furnace Gas Valve Is Faulty

How to Know If Furnace Gas Valve Is Faulty

The gas valve is a critical component within your furnace. Ensuring that the gas valve operates properly is crucial, especially when the cold, snowy winter hits. It is vital to be aware of potential gas valve failure hazards to prevent serious health and safety risks. We have more intelligent appliances these days, and they usually offer built-in safety measures, but accidents and gas leaks still happen. Learn how to know if a furnace gas valve is faulty with a few quick tips:

What Happens When a Gas Valve Goes Bad?

HVAC tech checking gas control valve - how to know if furnace gas valve is faulty

One of two things usually happen when you have a faulty gas valve:

  1. The air coming from the vents isn't warm.
  2. The furnace shuts down altogether.

Neither is definitively a sign of a bad gas valve. Either could be a symptom of a different problem. On the flip side, either symptom could be the result of a malfunctioning or stuck gas valve, so you have two choices. You can replace the gas valve yourself and hope that is the right solution. Or, you can call an HVAC professional to further diagnose the issue.

Note: some people will take a wrench and bang on the gas valve to get it to open up. Don’t attempt to do this because this is extremely dangerous. Hire an experienced technician to diagnose the problem and do repairs properly. The problem may go beyond the gas valve, so multiple parts or repairs could be needed.

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