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Within your heating and cooling system, you have a variety of HVAC parts that make up the controls. Here we offer all the control parts you need for both HVAC applications. Choose from among the following product categories:

What You Should Know about HVAC Control Parts

A furnace control board also referred to as an integrated circuit ignition control system can be thought of as the brain of many modern furnaces. This control system controls many of your furnace’s complex and sophisticated processes and also has to ability to run self-diagnostics and provide repair codes similar to how you can run a diagnostic on your automobile’s computer. The control board is constantly monitoring your furnace’s operation. Many control boards are set up so you can find them in the blower compartment of the furnace with a 3-5 Amp fuse protecting the board from a short.

Control boards are always found on high-efficiency furnaces that rely heavily on these complex and sophisticated operations to reach their high AFUE ratings of over 90%. When you need a replacement part, you want a quality solution that will last. Here are two of our most popular control boards:

What Is a Gas Valve?

One of the most basic controllers for a furnace is the gas control valve. Gas valves are designed to manage the flow of combustible gas to a furnace or water heater. In other words, the valve is responsible for supplying the furnace or water heater with gas once they’re ready for combustion. Because gas valves are automated, they can also shut themselves off when the burners go out.

Gas valves do not work independently. They rely on input from the thermostat and thermocouple. The thermostat is the manual control that allows the user to manage the temperature within a room or home. The thermometer links a wire to the gas valve to let it know when gas needs to be turned on due to a change in temperature. The thermocouple is steel with a protective tube that contains two metal strips that are welded together. The rear of the tube contains an insulated wire that runs to the gas valve. The gas valve itself connects directly to the gas supply tank of the furnace and has two integrated outputs: one leading to the pilot light, the other to the burners.

Gas valves are one of the more dangerous controllers because a leaky gas valve could mean carbon monoxide poisoning in the worst case scenario. If you smell gas or suspect your gas valve has a leak, install a carbon monoxide detector that will alert you of the problem. You may also want to use a soap solution in a spray bottle and spray the valve. If a leak is present, the solution will begin to bubble from the gas. Even if you later determine the valve isn’t leaking, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What Are Relays?

Relays play an important role for many appliances where there is an electronic control used to turn on something like a motor or light. Whether for your furnace or water heater, relays work by taking a small amount of power from an electromagnet and activating a device that is able to switch on a much larger amount of power.

If your relay fails, you won’t be able to run your HVAC system. Even if you are able to with a bad relay, your system will be much less efficient until the relay is repaired or replaced.

What Are Transformers?

Transformers are tools that are used to transfer electricity from one circuit to another, usually with a change in voltage. Transformers are common components used to run electric appliances such as your furnace or water heater.

Transformers work with AC (alternating current) and are important because they allow electricity to be transferred efficiently. Some transformers, such as those used in televisions or stereo systems, require high voltages, while others, such as doorbells and thermostats, require low voltages.

Without a properly working transformer, you won’t be able to operate your heating and cooling systems very efficiently, if at all. If your transformer fails, a discount replacement here is a great way to save time and money.

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