How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace Blower | Furnace Blower Motor Noise

How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace Blower

Any homeowner can tell you that house noises can be so annoying. Your home is a place where you want to be comfortable and loud appliances can disrupt your Zen. That’s particularly true of furnaces. If you have annoying sounds coming from your furnace, there is a good chance the source is the blower. Here we teach you how to quiet a noisy furnace blower so that you don’t have to endure another minute.

What Does My Furnace Noise Mean?

a new blower might be the solution to your furnace blower motor noise problem

To be perfectly frank, the following troubleshooting tips are based on what each sound most commonly means, but it’s not necessarily the meaning. For example, we say a loud hum means the fan needs replacement but a banging sound could also mean that, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

  • If your furnace blower creates a whoosh sound in the vents, you probably just need to adjust the fan speed.
  • If it’s more of a whistling sound, then it means there is a gap between the blower and the vents. The source is probably an expired filter that needs replacement.
  • If you hear loud humming, then you can probably take care of it by cleaning the blower fan. Extreme cases may mean you have worn bearings that need replacement. The friction created results in more current drawn. Replacing the fan altogether might be necessary if you find it is damaged.
  • If the sound is a rattle or a bang then it might be the mounts on the motor. This is the most annoying of all. It’s obvious why anybody would want to learn how to stop a furnace from banging. Tighten the motor mounts and see if that solves your issue. If it doesn’t, insulating the blower might be the best solution. If that doesn’t work, then you may need to replace the whole blower.
  • If the annoying sound is a screech, you might just need to oil the blower motor. It’s possible the belts on the blower motor need to be replaced, but oiling the blower motor is probably easier and cheaper to try first.

It’s not always worth the effort to try to run through all the troubleshooting and fixes yourself. Sometimes it’s just easier to call a professional to handle your heating and cooling problems.

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