Is Moen M-DURA Upgrading to M-CORE Valves?


Moen is upgrading their tub and shower valve system, and for most homeowners and all contractors, this is great news. M-CORE valves are easy to install and give you so much flexibility to upgrade down the road. Some people who may have concerns are homeowners with their M-DURA showers built on the old Moentrol system. What happens if you need to replace your M-DURA trim? Do you have to replace the valve, too? Or maybe you want an M-DURA shower with M-CORE. Is that available? These are questions that need to be answered.


M-DURA is a commercial-grade collection, which presents unique concerns, questions, and solutions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I Upgrade M-DURA Trim to the M-CORE Valve System?

No. If you want M-DURA valve trim, you must build it onto the old Moentrol rough-in system.

Will Moen Still Make M-DURA Trim for Moentrol Valves?

If you have the M-DURA collection installed on the Moentrol valve system, you might not have to upgrade to M-CORE when you want to replace the trim. M-DURA trim options will still be available for:

  • Moentrol transfer only

To be clear, if you need to replace the valve and transfer trim, or valve only trim, you're going to find a solution other than M-DURA.

How Do I Know If My Valve Is M-CORE or Moentrol?

m-core valve vs moentrol

Although you may not know much about what you're looking at, and both valves are made with brass bodies, it's pretty easy to tell the difference. M-CORE (pictured on the left) has more of a polished sheen to it. Whereas, Moentrol (pictured on the right) has more matted brass color.

Note: the pictured valves are for valve and transfer assemblies, which allow you to divert water from the tub to the shower, and vice versa. If you don't have a tub, it's just a shower installation, then the valve configuration won't include the top part.

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