M-CORE Valve System Resources and FAQ's

M-CORE Valve System

About Moen M-CORE

This M-CORE valve system is the backbone of the future for Moen showering systems. The genius is in the innovative ways that it makes life easier for contractors and homeowners. So often a contractor leaves trim selection up to the future homeowner, but the valve they install can restrict the options from which they can choose. M-CORE is easy to install and offers homeowners more flexibility for upgrading. One reason for that is instead of pairing it with the valve, the cartridge is sold with the trim, that way it's not a limiting factor when choosing trim.

M-CORE FAQ's, Resources, and Products

Here you can find every kind of Moen M-CORE valve option, as well as all the compatible trim. In addition to the products, we have resources that will help you to understand how M-CORE works and how it compares to older valve systems. Check them out:

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