How to Replace a Water Supply Line | Replacing Faucet & Toilet Supply Lines

How to Replace a Water Supply Line

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When replacing toilet or faucet water supply, the task changes a little bit depending on the application. In this guide we will discuss how to replace a water supply line, focusing on three different types:

  • Toilet
  • Faucet
  • Main supply

Remember that no matter what kind of supply lines you need (faucet, toilet, even gas), we have plenty of discount options.

Replacing Toilet Water Supply Lines

Before starting a project, make sure you have all the right plumbing tools. This task can be accomplished by the novice do-it-yourselfer if these 6 easy steps are followed:
  • Your toilet line likely is controlled by a straight or angle valve. Use knob on the valve to cut off the supply of water. Clockwise movement will typically shut off the water.
  • You will want to empty the toilet tank of all water. This can be accomplished by flushing the toilet a few times.
  • You will likely need to use an old dirty towel to wipe up any remaining water in the tank.
  • Loosen up each end of the supply line by applying a wrench to the nuts securing the line.
  • Remove the existing supply line and install the new toilet supply line. Ensure that the line is connected securely.
  • Turn the valve back on to allow water to run to the toilet tank. Operate the toilet and check for leaks.

Replacing Faucet Water Supply Lines

These steps are quite similar to the steps found above, but there are a few variations in methodology to consider:

connecting a water supply lines
  1. Shut off the water using the valve typically found underneath the sink. You may need a drip pan to avoid a mess.
  2. Prepare to remove the existing faucet supply lines with a wrench. If you spot any mold on the fittings you may be in for a rough time. A job like that may require a lot more elbow grease to remove.
  3. If there is mold, it’s advised to remove it with cloth and bleach before you extract the supply line. Final removal of the supply line may require a basin wrench.
  4. Attach the new line. At this point, it should be self-explanatory. You have seen how the old line fit into the system, with that knowledge you can easily install the new line. We recommend that you use pliable lines when possible. It makes installation that much easier.

How to Replace the Water Supply Line to the House

water supply valveThis feat is quite a bit different than the prior two. You will probably want to leave this one up to the professionals unless you are comfortable with digging up large parcels of your yard. If you are comfortable digging up your yard then you probably do not need a tutorial in the first place. Before you hire a professional, you may want to consider the nature of your issue:
  • Are you wanting to replace the line because of a leak?
  • Where is the leak? If it is on the city’s side of things it may be their problem to fix.
  • No matter whose responsibility it is, we recommend you shut off the supply of water and call the city or a professional ASAP.

Hopefully, this guide has been instrumental in teaching you how to replace the water supply line. Please give us feedback. All questions are welcome.

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