How to Remove a Bathroom Sink Stopper | Take Out Pop-Up Drain Stopper from Sink

How to Remove a Bathroom Sink Stopper

A sink stopper plays a vital role in your bathroom sink, and if you’ve ever heard the tale of a lost wedding ring down the drain, you understand its importance. The sink stopper also allows you to fill the basin with water and maintain the level. You may need to remove the sink stopper to plunge the drain, replace it, etc. Whatever the reason, it’s not always easy or self-explanatory to remove. This article will teach you how to remove a bathroom sink stopper. It is a task that a novice DIY plumber can perform, so don’t be overwhelmed by the project. You did the right thing by coming here.

Try to Remove by Hand

Chances are that if you can remove your stopper by hand, you didn’t need to seek out this article (unless you didn’t try). Lift the stopper up and turn it to remove it. If this worked for you, then you’re already done! Boy, that was easy.

If this doesn’t work, you’ve got to get under the sink to get the job done. You may need your toolbox.

Locate the Horizontal Rod

how to remove bathroom sink stopper by locating lift rod

Underneath the sink, you will find a vertical strap (the part with holes) running up to the lift rod that operates the stopper. A horizontal rod underneath the sink connects the strap to the stopper. When you have found it: 

4 Steps to Remove the Stopper

  1. Place a bucket under the drain to collect any water that drips from the drain as you remove the rod.
  2. Remove the clip that connects the rod to the strap.
  3. Then, remove the nut that connects the rod to the stopper. You will likely need a wrench for this part of the job.
  4. Now, you should be able to remove the stopper by hand.

Now, you can unclog the drain and re-install the stopper or replace it with a new one. We weren’t lying when we said a novice could do this. Seems easy enough, right? Good luck!

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