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About Stakes and Risers

If you want to save money on water, cut down water waste, and make sure your plants are getting the water they need (and not too much of it), then drip irrigation is the way to go. Stakes and risers. will be an important part of your installation.

They offer flexibility by providing water to taller plants/plants that are suspended above ground. You may not need these in every configuration, but they are certainly important for those who may can benefit from them.

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Uses for Stakes and Risers

Though they aren’t ubiquitous, landscape stakes and risers have many uses in a drip irrigation assembly. In fact, in some cases, you may have few other options! Here are just a few ways you can use stakes and risers in your drip irrigation system:

  • Tall Plants: In many cases, plants are too tall to be watered by normal means (and watering the soil may not be enough). In these instances, you will need to elevate the sprayer and mister in order to water evenly and without obstruction. This will provide not only the nearest plant with sufficient water, but the plants surrounding it as well—meaning you’ll have even water distribution throughout your garden.
  • Elevated Plants: Do you have hanging shrubs or decorative plants? If so, then sprinkler risers may be something you want to look into. They’ll make sure these plants get the water they need while remaining as out of the way as possible.
  • Stabilizing: Oftentimes, water pressure can cause your tubing to move around—even in a low pressure system such as drip irrigation. Fortunately, stabilizing drip stakes can support and secure a micro sprinkler or drip line, keeping the squirrely tubes in check.

Why Buy Landscaping Stakes?

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