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About Cameras and Sensors

We have a huge selection of cameras and sensors, and you can get all the electrical testers you need at affordable prices. Whether the application is plumbing or HVAC, cameras and sensors are important in ensuring a job is done correctly.

These items are indispensable, whether you are testing temperature and pressure within a refrigerant using Digital Manifolds or simply testing the electrical readouts using a multimeter. Choose from the best specialty tools, like pipe inspection cameras and sensors.

Picking the right camera and sensor may be difficult when it comes right down to it, so here is a small guide to show you to find the right tool (Greenlee, UEi, Fieldpiece, Milwaukee). Read on if you need help choosing the right electrical tester or plumbing camera for your job.

Do I Need an Electrical Sensor or Meter?

Sensors and meters are two different things, and your need may depend on the job you are working on. With that in mind, it’s very important to understand what you are buying when you get an electrical tester:

  • Sensors: For the most part, sensors are equipment you attach to the product itself and are a major component of many HVAC and plumbing applications. Sensors monitor the system while it runs, alerting you if something is off or an error must be dealt with. Though they are difficult to install—in some cases—they are truly indispensable.
  • Meters: Meters, on the other hand, are manually used during installation or repair jobs to give an idea of what’s wrong or aid in the implementation of the application. These electrical testers measure things like distance, pressure, temperature, or voltage but are not attached to the application itself.

Choosing the Right Electrical Testers

Here are the different categories of sensors/meters you’ll see and the differences between them:

  • HVAC: Heating and cooling jobs require many different types of sensors, as these types of jobs often do not display obvious readings. For that reason, you may need meters or sensors that can track refrigerant, pressure, temperatures, and more. This will keep your AC or HVAC system in perfect condition and ensure you know what is happening. Digital manifolds, temp guns, fork meters, super-heating, subcooling meters, and dual temperature accessories are all examples of HVAC sensors and meters you may need for your job.
  • Plumbing: If you want to get a plumbing job right, sensors and meters are incredibly important for your job. Whether you’re laying a new pipe in the ground or trying to check water pressure inside a pipe, plenty of different items can help you get your job done. These include laser distance meters, digital pipe inspection cameras (more below), and ground rod testers (for any pipe laying job).
  • Electrical: If there were any field of work that required sensors or meters more vitally than electrical, it would be hard to believe. From tone probes to clamp meters, voltage detectors, multimeters, and more, you may need various products to help with your electrical work.

Plumbing Inspection Cameras

This advanced tool will help you eliminate whatever is blocking your pipes. Generally, these pipe inspection cameras are reserved for professionals, but homeowners sometimes own them, and it usually makes sense to rent them.

Buy Electrical Testers Online

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