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About Grinder Power Tools

The best tools save handymen from tedious, hard work, and that's nowhere more evident than with power grinders. When you need a power tool for removing excess material from concrete, metal, and other hard surfaces, then you want a grinder.

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What Is a Grinder?

A power grinder, also known as an angle grinder (or side or disc), is a portable power tool used for cutting, grinding, and polishing away excess material from a source. Grinders work by using detachable grinder wheels that offer wide application. Grinders may be powered by an electric motor, gasoline, or compressed air.

Grinder tools are among the most versatile of tools and can be used for jobs such as cutting small tile, sharpening mower blades, and cleaning garden tools. For each job, you simply need the right wheel attachment and you have a handy, portable, easy to use tool that can save you plenty of time and energy.

The most popular type of grinder is a 4 to 4 ½ inch grinder which is the perfect pocket size for many tasks. However, larger grinders are available and can be used to cut concrete, tile, stone, metal bars, and bolts.

Types of Wheels

There are many types of wheels available for your angle grinder that can help you accomplish many odd jobs. Here are a few of the more common ones and their uses.

  1. Wire Wheels – Wire wheels are perfect for cleaning off rust and caked-on cement and dirt from garden tools. When using this type of tool, you’ll want to make sure the brush is spinning away from the edge or risk the chance of the brush catching the edge and kicking back at you. Wire wheels are also ideal for removing paint and overall stripping and cleaning jobs. They work best on large, flat surfaces and have the advantage of fitting into tight nooks and crannies.
  2. Metal Cutoff Wheels – These sorts of wheels are more durable and are used for rough, quick cuts on metal, rebar, angle iron, rusted bolts, and wire fencing. For these sorts of jobs, you’ll want to ensure the weight of the tool is doing most of the work and gently apply constant pressure to the affected material.
  3. Diamond Wheels – Tougher and more durable than metal cutoff wheels, diamond wheels are meant to cut through heavier materials such as ceramic and stone tile. Although tile may be easily cut with other power tools or standard tile cutters, tiles around outlets or in hard-to-reach areas are best served by a grinder.
  4. Grinding Wheels – To restore sharp edges on tools like shovels, lawnmower blades, or ice scrapers, nothing beats a grinding wheel. Whether you’ve got an old ax or a pair of shrubbery scissors, if you’ve noticed the edge has become dull, a grinder wheel can quickly sharpen these up again. Grinder wheels will leave a relatively sharp edge, but if you’re looking for greater sharpness than this, finish it off by using a mill bastard file.
  5. Thick Diamond Tuckpointing Wheels – For the heaviest jobs, nothing beats a grinder equipped with a thick diamond tuckpointing wheel. Say goodbye to your hammer and chisel; if you need to grind into mortar, a grinder is the most efficient way to go. Keep in mind that disturbing loose mortar raises a lot of dust, so wear a proper dust mask to protect yourself when performing this job.

Buy Hand Grinder Tools Online

Power grinders are handy, versatile tools that can be used for many different applications, from sharpening blades and edges to cutting metal. Unlike other power tools, grinders have the advantage of being small and lightweight, making them extremely portable and easy to use. With the added feature of using different wheels, a grinder tool can do many jobs around the house or worksite.

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